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I found this beautiful Nanette Lepore winter coat at TJ Maxx the other day. Reduced from $500 to $150*. Size 10, fit like a glove, just my style, one of the most beautiful and feminine coats I’ve ever seen.

But…I didn’t buy the coat :(. Because, well this is Texas and it was 94F (=34°C) that day. Winters aren’t all that cold over here, do I really need another winter coat?

And most importantly….the zipper was broken. I tried everything, because sometimes it looks like the zipper is broken, but it can be fixed fairly easily, but this zipper was really broken. Replacing a long zipper in a -still- $150 coat…I didn’t feel exactly up to it. Regrets? Yes, some, would have loved it in my closet.

Would you have bought a garment that you loved but needed a zipper replacement or many alterations?

* to justify the original prize; the Nanette Lepore label is exclusively Made in the US, so no Bengali wages for the seamstresses. Some stores even listed it for almost $700.

My first crochet creature is flying over the Ocean tomorrow!
My 18month old niece was staying with us for 10 days (with her parents of course) and played with him everyday. He was flying everywhere in his little plane, but tomorrow he’ll need his passport for the first time.

She named him Kwak Kwak (= Quack Quack) and loved him, so I thought it was a good time to part :). It was really beautiful to see how much she enjoyed him.

She also totally understood the concept of Mr. Spoon and Miss Dish and made everyone ‘eat’ from Mr. Spoon. So those two have found a new home as well :). I’m sure they’ll receive much more love in her care than in mine (and it leaves me some space to make some new lovelies).


For: 3-month old Akbar in Pakistan. His mommy made up my nickname and therefore .com :) The package safely made it to its destination.
Patterns: I combined the Monster Rattles pattern with features of Louie the Lovebot. Both patterns are by Rebecca Danger.
Materials: stash yarn and non-pill fleece from JoAnn’s.
A first…or two!: Making a crochet edge for the fleece blanket! Also making a custom label with the embroidery module!
Extra: a London bapron for Akbar!







Since November last year I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) every Saturday evening. I was an assistant teacher at first, but in February I got my own class with 20 students, teaching from 5-7pm.

Definitely a bit frightening for a somewhat shy person! But now I love it! :) I can talk for hours about how much fun it is and how important it is for me. I teach for LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas) at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) Campus.

60% of adults in the greater Dallas area between the ages of 19 and 44 read below the high school level and 49% read at or below a fourth grade level (= 9/10 years old).

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Bernina organized a Fabric design contest about a month ago. I joined and entered some of the following designs. I haven’t drawn for at least 9 years, but it used to be my biggest hobby. I gave up when I needed to focus on schoolwork.

The competition is pretty fierce. Some very talented graphic designers (but are they sewists?), some blatant copies of existing fabric lines. Some obvious, some less obvious.

I just hope the winner will put the -awesome- $5000 Bernina 710 to good use!

I tried to stay away from floral prints, I love them, but there are sooo many floral prints. I couldn’t enter as many designs as I wanted, simply because of my lack of knowledge of Illustrator and the time it took to make patterns out of my little drawings. Also my old Volito Wacom isn’t compatible with my mac, making it all a bit complicated (I ordered a new Wacom Bamboo which should arrive next month). More importantly: I had fun and it’s made me realize I want to take up drawing again!

I know, I know, too many hobbies, so little time :). But 5 mins of doodling everyday will go a long way.


inspired by my childhood plush dog Philip



Pattern: A New Sock Monkey by Susan B. Anderson
Time spent: 2 days. I didn’t have time to knit the body and legs and liked the idea of a blanket.
For: Sawyer





The thought of it almost being April frightens and frustrates me at the same time. Temperatures are rising (currently it’s around 75°F = 25°C). A year has gone by and I still didn’t made any outfits for myself. Except for my first sorbetto, a Christmas outfit (that I still have to post) and a few outfits I started but never finished. [Insert frustration here] ;)

Time to take action! I’m quite busy volunteering during the week and often tired, but I can’t believe I’m not getting anything done. A lot of friends are pregnant (again), but I’m just going to ignore that and buy gifts (or so I hope). Time to sew for myself! I truly hope I mean it this time.

So to start off well, I decided to pay a visit to the store front of my local fabric store CityCraft. I’ve ordered online from them before, but have never visited the store front. Loved it!! So much great luxurious fabric :). Quilting fabric is nice,but this is the fabric you want to wear! I really didn’t need more fabric, did I? Well to be honest I have a lot of quilting fabric, but not enough yardage of most for a top/skirt/dress. This is what I came home with :). I’m really pleased with it!!


1 yard of Notting Hill, Pristine Poppy in Magenta by Joel Dewberry (voile, 54″). So soft! I want to use it for a top.

1.75 yard of Monkey Swing, Birch Organic Fabrics (100% organic cotton, 44″/45″). Also for a top.

4 yards of Sinister Swarm Tangerine by Anna Maria Horner (100% Rayon, 57/58″). This fabric feels so great! I want to make this maxi dress. Images are courtesy of Anna Maria Horner.


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