Houston, we have a problem….why aren’t both halves lining up? :-/ It seems like I need to add two more wedges to the color wheel, but that will involve some rearranging of the colors. I like the current balance between the colors.

Pattern: Pineapple Slices Pillow by Tula Pink (download free pattern)
Fabric: A charm pack (5″ squares) of Cuzco by Kate Spain. Probably one of my favorite fabric lines.
Destination: One day I’ll perfect making my bed and this will be the front cushion. Or would that make it a pillow? :).
Variation: I like that not all the wedges are the same height, I like that kind of ‘imperfection’. But I really would like to join the halves without adding something.

olliI vowed to make no more presents….but but but…I have this one Crafty course with Susan B. Anderson that I really want to get off my to-do list. So I’m just knitting along, magically making presents :$. First birth, first serve ;)

For: Samuel
Pattern: Wee ones by Susan B. Anderson
Time spent: 3 days, not full-time of course
Pain: This project was “made with love”…and pain. My hands didn’t hurt during knitting -I’m crazy but not that crazy- but my hands did hurt after knitting, possibly due to a flare-up, so I’m not entirely sure I can blame the knitting… I’m trying to set an alarm now, so I strictly knit for 15mins at a time.
Wish I…: had done something about that stitch poking out of his nose, before I took all these pictures, haha!


The blanket is rectangular, I just didn’t take a good shot

I’m trying to shoot more MF (Manual Focus) with our Canon EOS Rebel T1i :). I think it’s funny that this camera is branded Rebel here in the US, but branded EOS in Europe. Rebel sounds younger, but EOS more professional, I guess.

An early birthday gift for myself: the 5″ harmony wood DPN set from KnitPicks. Very happy with those!

I was thinking of ordering the interchangeable circular needle set for a long time, but I’m glad I never did, because, to this date, I haven’t been able to understand and use the Magic Loop. Not sure if that will ever happen, I quite like DPN’s, but still would like to learn.

The Harmony Wood is just lovely, so wonderfully smooth, just the right amount of smooth. Needles sold at chain stores just don’t compare to these, they’re simply not smooth enough. On the other hand I find KnitPicks’ nickel plated needles too smooth. I only like those for larger projects with more stitches per needle, otherwise they keep falling off. I recently read that it’s better for people with arthritis to use wooden needles anyway, because they warm up to your hands, so wood it is!


A little weekend project; fixing Pumpkin’s and Spike’s scratching post. The rope was old, the hairs were just coming out, it was almost growing a hairdo, I cut/shaved the post rigorously twice. Replacement was desperately needed. We were looking at replacing the entire scratching post at first, but most of them are expensive ($50) and/or too ugly to put in your living room. We did find one that was exactly the same but still $32. Seemed like a lot of money for just a bit of new rope. Also, throwing the entire thing indirectly into landfill just felt like an extreme waste. So DIY it was!

After spending $18 on a staple gun, $8.50 on the rope and $3.50 on 1250 (!) staples, we still spend $32 (incl. tax), haha! Oh well, the cost of investing in tools. I plan to do some re-upholstery, so a staple gun was on my wish list anyway.

Thankfully the hubby helped me out, because firing the stapler takes some strength, which is just unpredictable in my case. The staples are now more obvious than they were -I don’t care at all – I just hope Spike and Pumpkin won’t be bothered by them. Despite the noise of firing of the staples, Pumpkin and Spike were far too busy dreaming about all their future scratching adventures :).




I started making these at the beginning of 2012, around the time my hands started to ache, so I couldn’t finish them then.

It looks a little too homemade for my taste, but still worth finishing. The free pattern is by 60 Piggies. I think these will make a great gift for a baby, so I’ll be donating them to a local charity. To Adam’s Animals if they will have them, or another organization with children at heart.


il_fullxfull.362846594_ffxuFor: myself and myself only :).
Pattern: self drafted, helped by the Craftsy’s Design your Own Handbag Class
Inspired by: the Etsy bag on the right. Can’t seem to find the listing anymore.
Material: 1 yard of designer remnant from Fabrique Fabric a $5.99. Not sure what kind of material it is?? I lined it with stash Tanya Whelan cotton. Also added a 2-way zipper ($2.49)
Deadline: I had hoped to finish it before leaving for Austin for 5 days (last week, love that city!) but that didn’t happen.
The details: took forever! I added the recessed zipper, a pocket in the lining, obviously the bow and also two fabric strips, allowing me to add a cross body strap at a later stage.






the original by Barbara Prime

For: the aunt who gifted me her embroidery module.
Pattern: Alpaca with bikini by Barbara Prime
Yarn:Knit Picks City Tweed DK (color: Tahitian Pearl, made out of 55% Merino, 25% Alpaca, 20% Acrylic, Rayon) + stash yarn for the hoofs, underwear and dress.
Alpaca factor: Hmmm…does this really look like an alpaca? Probably a rhetorical question.

Pattern changes: This pattern is supposed to be knit on 2 needles, but I knit the body on 4 DPN. The rest is knit on 2 needles and seamed with a mattress stitch, making the seam nearly invisible. Will need to redo the seaming on this project now that I master the mattress stitch! :)

I messed up the lace knitting after 10 rows and couldn’t figure out the mistake. Reknit a couple of rows, but ended messing things up again and again. Decided to start knitting the bodice earlier on and just make it longer.

Very important note to self: First block and then do the seaming. See how things shouldn’t be done in the last picture.

Another sad note to myself: my hands don’t like knitting as much as I do myself and therefore this will be my last knitted gift, in 2013.

I used this inspiration for the hairdo :)



I shared the picture above on the Craftsy facebook page and 369 people liked the picture and 86 people even shared the picture on their wall :).





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