I have so many ideas of what I still want to make, that I have trouble focussing!

This morning I wanted to start on making a pillow with birds, but after cutting one bird I got inspired by this Etsy shop. Although I love the style, I think the mobiles are really overpriced. Time to give it a try myself! I still think the original ones look cuter and less overweight ;), but it’s a good first attempt.

I did all the sewing by hand, because I didn’t feel like winding thread on a bobbin for this little bit of sewing.

I’ve been a bit frustrated for the past few days, somewhere some things are going wrong!
My grandma gave me this really nice polkadot fabric for my sewing projects, during my vacation in the Netherlands. She’s making a dress for herself from the same fabric but in a darker shade, so I really wanted to use mine for a nice dress as well. I was afraid I’d ruin the fabric, so it took me a bit of courage to get started, but when I found an easy pattern for a strapless summerdress (much needed in Texas!), I decided to go ahead.

I carefully drew all pattern pieces on tracing paper and selected 3 (!) sizes up my own size, just to be sure I would have enough fabric and seam allowance. I cut all pieces and was pleased there was enough fabric to complete the dress with. That was about 2 weeks ago.

I left the cut pieces laying around for a bit, because I wanted to practice some other projects first. Then, on Friday I decided to go ahead. I wrapped the centerpiece around myself, only to find out that…it didn’t fit at all! I forgot to do the easy thinking: checking my measurements with the suggested size in the pattern. ARRGHH #!(@*@!&*! *boinks head against wall* The centerpiece is 34″ (86cm) wide, but I’m at least 36″ (92cm) wide. Not exactly true to size these patterns from Knipmode (Dutch sewing mag)! After all I’m size 8-10 (Knipmode suggested I should cut the fabric 30″ (76cm), and selected size 14-16, which turned out too small.

Luckily the pieces are still quite big, so I’m pretty sure I can make something else of it, but what a shame of such lovely fabric :(. Lesson learnt for sure!

Then I decided to make a plush toy, which I found in another Dutch magazine, but I guess Dutch magazines like fooling their readers, by using a cuter pattern for the monkey pictured in the mag. I cut all pattern pieces with great care -for some reason I was convinced the monkey had to be made of purple fabric-, checked the sizes of the pieces continuously with the pattern,  sewed them together and the result is a skinny ugly looking monkey. I’m pretty sure the monkey in the mag is purposefully made a bit more healthy looking. After sewing and turning the first pieces around I knew the monkey wasn’t becoming exactly what I had thought, but wanting to finish it, I sped up the process and by the minute it was becoming more and more ugly looking. What a tragic story!

Something is definitely wrong with the shape of his head, his nose (still same size as the pattern indicates!) and his eyes aren’t too pretty either ;) (that is my mistake). Maarten and I just went to JoAnn to get some basic sewing items I needed and came across a funky looking cowboy head. We figured monkey couldn’t get any more ugly, bought it and I named him Cowboy Jake.

I’m not sure how or when I’m going to finish him, I think Cowboy Jake will undergo extensive fabric surgery before being fully born. An eye transplant (safety eyes instead?) and facelift might help a bit!

To be continued…

I decided to try another fabric flower tutorial today. These are a bit more textured and full and more high end looking. I’ve seen those in stores plenty of times before, but they easily charge you a lot of $$, so I was interested to find out whether or not it’s easy to d.i.y.! This tutorial is a mixture of sewing with the machine and by hand. I like how it turned out, but I’m not completely convinced yet. I think I’m gonna make it again in a solid color, perhaps from sateen cotton.

While still deciding on the external fabric of my beach bag (shall I use 1 or 2?), I decided to take on a new project! :) Searching the internet for free tutorials and patterns, via the Bernina website I stumbled upon makeit-loveit.com, which features a lot of free (sewing) tutorials. Amongst which a cute snuggly owl pillow!

Excited about this pillow, I quickly cut all materials and within a few hours I was done with the front part. Perhaps I should have picked something a bit more newbie-level, because I struggled quite a bit making the owl into an actual pillow (with ears!). At the end it wasn’t too hard, I just made it much more complicated then it was, but I had to redo some parts 5 times and all in all it took me 1,5 day to figure it out! Picking a fabric with a pattern doesn’t make it much easier to keep the thickness of the pillow leveled on each side. It shows immediately in the pattern being broken up uneven!

At the end it all worked out! I love the way it looks and I’ll be definitely making more of those for whoever would like one, but…not this week! :)

As I don’t have a sewing machine yet (I’m going to borrow one soon!), I decided to do some sewing by hand today. I found this easy video tutorial and used a leftover piece of blue polkadot fabric :). My two sewing buddies, Pumpkin & Spike, decided to offer mental support all day long… :)

This blog will be a mixture of my sewing creations, drawings, inspiration, and also some cooking.
I’m a very basic sewer (my grandma and I spent one summer making the same pair of pants 5x), but it’s my goal to make couture by this time next year (always be ambitious :)).

Last week I received my first pack of lovely fabrics! Now I need some inspiration!

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