I never had a princess room as a girl, nor did I need one, but as the years pass, I seem to be getting more into girly girl things. Poor hubby! :P

Searching for inspiration I came across this lovely Unicorn *HEARTS* Moon pattern (clicking will instantly download the pattern), and decided to make the Unicorn pillow for myself :). It’s mainly an embroidery project, with only a little bit of sewing involved. The hardest part was stuffing the pillow. Some parts seem empty, others seem a bit full, no matter what I tried, but overall I’m quite happy with the result! :)

I like making appliques! And with several babies on the way in my circle of friends, I want to make some presents :)
I found a cute dog applique, printed it, cut all elements from paper and felt and was about to sew it on a  store-bought onesie… till I realised that one can actually not wash felt. Hmppf…

I’ll need some time to find the replacing fabric in cotton, but will finish this cutie!

The ‘little men’ liked the cat pillow a bit better than I had anticipated. The result? Daily fights, stolen territories and evil looks going from one side of the room to the other. The morning after finishing the first pillow I put it in Spikes favorite corner, just to see if he would actually use it. I had never seen Pumpkin laying in that corner before, but as the days passed, he was laying there for the majority of the time, and claiming the pillow to be all his. Poor Spike! Thrown out of his corner kingdom completely!

So today I decided to make bed #2. Different color, texture (just 100% cotton) and a bit (25%) bigger. Since they’re both so keen on that specific corner now, I just put the new one next to the old one. Spike discovered the new bed first and seemed to think he had not only conquered his kingdom again, but a neighboring country as well ;). It only took a little bit, ’til he decided to share his reign :).

I already knew I wanted to make a pet bed for our little men, so when I found a pattern in One-Yard Wonders and fabric in JoAnn, I started working on it this afternoon. The pattern is really easy, cutting the many different sizes trapezoids was the hardest part. Sewing it all together and stuffing it went like a rocket.

Pumpkin at first was a bit hesitant, but within an hour of putting the bed on the living room floor, he left his favorite drool towel and cuddled up to the new bed! While I’m writing this, he’s actually sleeping in the bed and Spike just seemed interested as well. Awww, that’s appreciation! ^v^

I do fear that ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t apply to big, overweight male cats, because it seems a bit small :(. This picture illustrates that even better. I may have to rip the seams and add a few extra inches, but will wait to see how the cats react. Also, I’m wondering if a comfortable flannel will survive for long. We’ll see!

2hrs later and Spike has discovered the bed as well! I don’t think it’s (much) too small now!

I was away from home for most of the day, but managed to make these necessities in only a short period of time.

WANTED: a trick on how to sew round objects perfectly round. My sew curve was nearly perfectly circle-shaped, but the fabric is wrinkling around the seam. I’m not sure how to prevent that from happening. Could the thread/bobbin tension be too high?

I joined the American Red Cross about a month ago as a caseworker volunteer (1 day/week). I feel strongly about volunteering and contributing to society, especially now that I don’t have a (paid) job. Perhaps it’s even a good way to meet new people :).

Walking around in the Red Cross building I came across the Production Room, where volunteers knit, sew and crochet little items for hospitalized kids (blankets, toys) and soldiers (neck coolers).

I was so excited about this way of serving that I decided to join, even before I borrowed a sewing machine! At home I searched the internet for this kind of volunteerism, because even though I’m full of ideas now, I’m pretty sure that at some point either I’m running out of ideas, or my house is running out of space ;). Again, I found a very helpful list (‘Sew to Serve’) through Bernina. I’ll look into it a bit more at some point, I’m just hoping I don’t need to provide the fabric myself, because I won’t be able to do that financially. Also, working on location would be good to share thoughts about sewing with others.

I took my first Red Cross sewing ‘project’ home last week; neck coolers for soldiers. I only have to sew tubes and then they’ll be filled up with water absorbing chemicals at the Red Cross HQ. Good project to start with!

I guess hardly anyone knows that one of my favorite crafts is refurbishing small little boxes with fabric or paper. I used to do that a lot as a teenager, I think I may have kept my grandma Omi busy looking for more and more boxes that I could decorate :). I even once decorated a fountain pen, there is a little story attached to that one. I promise you if I find it again, I’ll post the story and a picture :).

Today it was time to do something about the little heart shaped box, that I got from my other Oma (grandma in Dutch, I don’t like translating such names). She died in 1990 and it’s one of the few things I have of hers. Unfortunately time had gotten the best of the fabric of the little box, but that didn’t prevent me from shipping it around the world ;). Instead of leaving it behind or throwing it away, I decided to refurbish it with the polkadot fabric that I got from Omi (my other oma) :).

And what’s better, than combining pieces of 2 Oma’s in 1 box? 3! My 3rd ‘grandma’ is my great aunt, who unfortunately died last year. Cleaning her house I came across an old dress of hers with a lovely brown and blue pattern. Textile wise it’s pretty horrible, nonetheless I didn’t just want to get rid of it, because I was pretty sure I could use it somehow. With that thought I put it in one of the 30 boxes that we shipped from Europe to the USA as well and used it today :). I kept one piece of the original lining as well, as that part was still pretty okay. The inside of the box is perhaps a bit too busy now, but I find the whole idea behind the fabrics much more important than the actual looks :).

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