I’m working on too many projects these days! I should write them down, because I don’t have a clear overview of my own deadline schedule anymore.

But, I finally managed to finish at least one project; the Flower Fairy quilt :). The pink velvet fabric was the hardest part, especially since I kept measuring if it was evenly spaced everywhere.

On to the following project!

I just couldn’t resist this cute fabric!
I knew it would be perfect for a bapron. A what? A bapron, a baby apron!

It’s basically a longer bib, that covers just that little bit more. Quite handy, don’t you think?
I don’t have a cute baby to model my bapron, so Bear (made by Omi, btw!) had to do the job :). I think Bear is a tad too small, but he still looks cute wearing it :).

Overall a really quick project. There aren’t many raw edges involved, so there’s not a whole lot of work covering them :).  I think once I’ve got the hang of it, I could do one in 30min. I did use store-bought bias tape though, but will attempt to make my own at some point :). Just really pleased with the awesome tutorial!

Just one small question for the experts. How do you prevent the crinkling around the edges from happening? In the picture the middle part looks worse, than it actually is. I’m mainly referring to the right part of the picture.

Yesterday’s class of Bernina’s Introductory Machine Guide was great!

What an eye-opener! Next week’s class will be about appliques. I asked them if they could reschedule it for today, as I can’t wait, but unfortunately that couldn’t be done ;).

I didn’t get much sewing done this weekend: between going to the Bernina dealer (look at my beautifully fixed needlethreader), the car dealer (sharing a car with your hubby is not easy) and feeling blah (headaches&back pain), I spent some time working on my first quilt :).

This flowerfairies quilt (made out of a store bought fabric bundle) is a little project for Aimee, who generously lend me her sewing machine before getting my own last week :)). I quite like the quilting, I really didn’t think I would. Using the fabric in this way, has opened my eyes to other possibilities. I may make one for myself one day, but garment is my main interest.

I’ve also been breaking my brains over a ric-rac issue. I want to use the ric-rac as framing on a pillow, but perhaps piping is a better word, as I really want it to stick out over the edges. I don’t want to lose half the ric-rac, by stitching it in the pilow seam. I think this makes it look like a dragon’s back and I just love the look of (complete) ric-rac.

I just can’t seem to figure out how to do this piping efficiently.  Stitching the ric-rac on first seemed the best choice, otherwise you’d see the turquoise stitching on the back of the white pillow and you’d also sew up front and back to each other. So making it an actual pillow, should – I think! – be the last step..!? But for the ric-rac to really stick out over the edges, I’d need to sew so close to the ric-rac, that I’ll a) need to fold the outer edges of the ric-rac in and to make it a little easier, b) best sew on the right side of the pillow, so I can see if I don’t sew on the ric-rac.

Do you still get what I mean? I’ve managed to sew one side this way, but unfortunately it must have been too tight, because the fabric is totally stretching.
Perhaps I’m overlooking the easier way to get this done? Tips are much appreciated!

Just my luck, within a week of ownership, I managed to make my sewing machine into a little puzzle!

When I was a kid, the jigsaw puzzles we had at home were so easy for me, that I would solve them with the print faced down and the cardboard side up. This however, is a different kind of puzzle I don’t master…yet. Help!

UPDATE: I took the machine to the Bernina dealer and they were absolutely wonderful. They immediately replaced the automatic needle threader completely, as they had never seen such a puzzling situation before. They even thanked me for not freaking out for something being ‘broken’ so quickly after buying the machine. Nah..I was just pleased it’s all fixed at no cost :) and mechanical parts falling out is much better than computer/circuit errors, I’d think!

I almost finished my first patchwork! Making the main part of this little wallet (tutorial here) only took me about an hour. I’ll use it to take hand sewing notions (small scissors, pins, thread) with me to classes.

The London Tube Map fabric was one of the first I bought: London is very very dearly to me, as a former resident :). I therefore knew I would like incorporating it in the purse.  Shame I didn’t realise the Tube map would end up upside down. Lesson learned!

All in all a pretty easy and fast project, until…I got to attaching the snap to the purse. That was a real @!*#!(&-moment. We hit it hard, we hit it soft, we hit it slow, we hit it fast, from all possible sides, but nothing attached the socket to the button. Of course the only thing that did happen was the pearl button snapping! What’s in a name, eh?

Current state of this project? I’ve finished all the seams, sewn up the socket to the fabric, and attached the button to the other side. It holds together, but not perfectly. When I’m at Joann again, I’ll check for more refined snaps.

Just testing the features of my new sewing machine on his little robot :). It’s definitely not my tidiest work, I’m still getting used to this machine!

I think this robot is a cutie and perfect for little boys! I named him X, because he’s so huggable with his long arms and made out of soft Minky-dot fabric.

I think the family is almost complete now!

I got the Robot idea from Revoluzzza, I really like her robots and monsters, so cute! I’m curious what you think of these; cute or scary?

I sketched the robot pattern myself, and I reckon the arm-body proportions could be better. I haven’t sewn his head up yet, as I’m still considering enhancing his eyes, and perhaps removing his mouth. I seem to like the unfinished version better, mainly his broader face and body, but I didn’t leave enough seam allowance to be able to adjust that. I guess when I clone him, I should change his DNA a bit :).
I photoshopped some eye-options:

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