I found this little bit of fabric at Joann’s for $2, it was a scrap, so this was all there was. I now kind of wish it would have been more, as it’s so cute, but oh well :). I managed to cut out a pair of baby pants (pattern by Rae) and a bapron, so that’s not bad!

After a lot of trying to figuring it out, I managed to make the pattern loop in the best way possible (see the fire truck) :) Not easy! Makes me wonder, why I always pick patterned fabric!

For the observant reader, yes I still got a bit of finishing to do! (stitching the inner legs)

Awesome video -for the new Westfield shopping mall in Stratford, East London- featuring 100 years of East London fashion in 100 seconds.
Sept 13th 1911 – Sept 13th 2011.

…they weren’t in Japanese!

Searching the internet and looking through many pages of beautiful Japanese fabric (out of my budget, unfortunately), I stumbled upon lots and lots of free patterns by Nani Iro (fabric designer) and Lecien (fabric manufacturer). Awesome…apart from them being in Japanese. Looks like Google Translate and me are going to spend some time together!

I can finally reveal what I’ve been making the past week for one big Mavericks fan and one fan-to-be!

With the Mavericks becoming the 2011 NBA Champions, it was hard to get my hands on some fabric (especially fleece, I was initially looking for), but luckily I managed to get some from J&O fabrics, before they discontinued it. I made:

– a Mavericks hanging bed organizer (tutorial) for the hubby :), as we don’t have any nightstands. (see picture of the complete item, incl. non-slip shelf liner here).

– a Mavericks baby girl dress (6+months old) and ruffled diaper cover for the little fan-to-be!. See here for a bigger picture of the diaper cover; I forgot to make Bear model it properly, it’s not so dented in normally.

– 2 Mavericks peg bears; after cutting all of above pieces, I had quite some fabric left over, so I decided to make a bear for each of the fans. I’ve only finished one peg bear so far. Contrary to popular belief (dirty minds! ;)), the black cross on his hairy belly, is his belly button! I reckon it ended up a bit low, haha!

As effortless as I may seem to make things, I often do struggle through projects. I am my own worst critic and could do with letting go a bit more! I’m extremely uptight about seams, I want french seams or rolled seams and don’t like using pinking shears. To name a few other struggles; I had to re-do big parts of the Bed Organizer bias tape 3x, as the corners were curling, because I stitched the bias tape on it too tight.

I, again, had trouble attaching the bias tape between the skirt and the top of the dress properly. Which in Nienke-world means; hiding raw edges of both skirt and top in the same bias tape. I didn’t succeed, tried 5 different ideas to hide both and when everything finally seemed right, I stitched the skirt inside out on the top (aargh #!@(!). I finally ended up hemming the upper edge of the skirt and stitching it underneath the top (this gave me some other bias tape issues, because that stitch shouldn’t show on the front part). It looks neat, but there should be an easier way to get it done!

Unfortunately I can’t post any pictures of projects I’m currently working on, as they’re highly secretive birthday projects! ;) So many birth(day)s and babyshowers in October! :) Instead, I’ll try to blog about inspiration I’ve found on the internet!

My last and final Bernina machine guide class was great again! We were shown how to applique, pintuck with presser foot 32, make perfect piping with foot 12, balance your machine and make perfect 4mm hems with foot 69.

I wish I could continue following these lessons weekly! The instructor told me this is only the ice top of what the machine can do! But it’s better for my wallet (too many interesting feet!) and  my overly inspired mind to not get any more ideas ;).

Joining the Plano ASG is bound to be dangerously inspiring as well! Yesterday I attended my first Couture group meeting; a field trip to Adrian: Glamour in the Age of Austerity 1940-47.

“In the late 1940s, WWII constraints on fabric and supplies were lifted, allowing fashion designers to move away from simplistic, military-inspired designs toward increasingly glamorous, feminine forms and styles. Gilbert Adrian led the way in this movement as an American designer. Several of his pieces will be showcased alongside pieces by various other designers, revealing the strength of his influence.”

I was a little disappointed it was such a small exhibition (10 outfits), but nevertheless it was really interesting to see how garment was made fashionable during the WWII fabric and button/decoration constraints! Using a lot of detail/decoration in garments was considered non-patriotic.

I had never heard of Adrian before, probably because my fashion knowledge is limited, but I guess it also has to do with the fame and emphasis on French designers in Europe. Hopefully we’ll keep visiting exhibitions! Everyone from the ASG was really nice and I felt really welcome :).

I just came back from the 3rd Bernina class! It was, as always, a true eye-opener and really enjoyable!

Today’s class was not about appliques, like I thought, but mostly about quilting and embroidery. It’s not my main interest, but it was still enjoyable and interesting, and some things are applicable in garment sewing as well.

We were also shown a few different methods to gather /ruffle with your machine and used a lot of different feet, like the Walking Foot, the Wide Gathering Foot (! see gingham piece of fabric A in picture.Right side is down) and the Ruffler Foot. My Xmas wish list is gonna be long, for sure ;)

Unfortunately I can’t make it to the final class next Monday about appliques, but… I’m switching groups and will take it tomorrow night! Can’t wait! :)

Yeah, I finally finished my ric-rac pillow! Well only the envelope-shaped pillowcase actually, the decoration will follow some other time :).

I solved the ric-rac-problem by temporary basting it to one side. This way I could easily sew up the pillow (see earlier/final method in the picture on the right). The ric-rac doesn’t stick out as much as I had hoped, so I’m not sure it was worth all the trouble, but I’m still pleased :).

The pillowcase is a bit big, but altering that would mean a lot of work and I’m not really up for that anymore. Instead I’ll just add loose stuffing to the store-bought pillow form.

I donated the remaining yard of ric-rac to Spike&Pumpkin, as Spike kept trying to steal it from me, while I was positioning it on the pillow and the majority was laying on the carpet :).

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