I’m back! ;)

Not sure what happened and why I haven’t knit or sewn much the past few months…oh wait, we were in multiple house bidding wars, finally managed to buy the 7th house, reno-ed the house, moved in…all while being pregnant and tired because of it. Only a few more weeks to go and baby will be here! Jaiks! :)

Here’s a couple of things I’ve made lately. I started these gifts for my little niece in Canada back in February, but only finished them last month. Just didn’t have the time, motivation, energy etc anymore.

baprons Kimia For Kimia

Notice the bump -on the right lower side of the picture- really getting in the way :) Dr Seuss and Dear Stella J’Adore fabric.

baprons Kimia2 For Kimia

skirt dear stella For Kimia

’10 min’ Baby skirt, tutorial here. 10 min…yeah right, took me more like 3 days to figure it out. Serging/overlocking helped a lot. Just wasn’t sure of the size, with giraffe being my only model.

dear stella skirt1 For Kimia

Left a larger amount of elastic (inside the casing) in case it’s too small.

dear stella skirt2 For Kimia

Finicky details, giving the skirt a little bit more pizazz.

The Woolie Ewe, a Dallas yarn shop, went out of business last week, offering 40-70% on the last few days. I still had a generous gift card to spend, here is what I got!

All yarn was flying of the shelves! There were lots of grays and browns left over, but I didn’t know what to make with it. They had some really pretty other yarn, but 40% of $30 a skein is still a lot of money to me, especially if you need more skeins. I got the more affordable yarns for various toy-knitting / home decor projects / I don’t know what’s. I like my colors! :)

yarn1 Yarn yarn2 Yarn yarn3 Yarn


doll and me apron 1 Doll & Me apron

Made this little Doll & Me Apron Set for my 2 year old niece. Pre-serger that is :).
I got the idea in December, started in January, then couldn’t work on it for a couple of months (feeling queasy and not up for any sewing) and had to think about the construction for a little bit. The longer something has been in my head, the harder it is to finish. Finally worked on it and finished it early April.

I used Creating By Cami’s apron tutorial. I wanted something that would fit, but would provide room to grow. This apron is adjustable because of the use of velcro on both the neck strap and the waist strap. While making this I had no clue how big it would be on my niece, so I’m glad it fits well!

Here she is dressed in it :)))

apronset 362x494 Doll & Me apron

I did make a mistake in the construction and because there was some time between making the doll apron and the child apron, I made the mistake twice… why don’t I ever make notes… The mistake is most visible in below picture. Should have joined the longest piece of velcro on the inside of the apron, not on the strap, because now it shows as soon as more room is needed. Both times it was too late to adjust it, as I had already pieced the front of the apron and the lining together. I tried handstitching velcro, but man…that sucks, so I gave up. Let’s hope I’ll read these notes :), if I ever make another set.

Doll and Me apron set 4 Doll & Me apron

I’ve been planning on knitting this reindeer a sweater, but making this picture, made me think I’ll probably sew him/her an outfit!

I used the Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders book for the Child’s Chef’s Hat. It’s adjustable in size as well, but I forgot to take a picture. Here are the instruction pictures from the book. Smart!

Childs Chef Hat One Yard Wonders Doll & Me apron

For the doll version, I just made a smaller size hat and redrafted the apron pattern. For these reasons luckily I have a doll model, which was extremely helpful.

Doll and Me apron set 2 Doll & Me apron Doll and Me apron set 3 Doll & Me apron

Oops….it’s been a while since my last blog!
Been busy with lots of other things; maintaining and handing over the local sewing website, lots of house hunting and feeling queasy (doing better now :D).

But I have some really exciting things to show you soon, starting with my new ‘toy’.

bernina430e babylock eclipsedx Babylock Eclipse DX

Pretty duo, don’t you think? ^v^

I had been wanting a serger (= lock machine) for a long time now, but could never justify the purchase, until now! :D. I know I’ll use it loads and loads in the (near) future! I’m so excited!

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Well…., at least Julius is done in time for Xmas 2014 ;)

Free pattern here!

julius3 Julius

As one of Santa’s secret aides, he needs his glasses to read everyone’s wish list :)

julius1b Julius

juliusip Julius

Christmas home decor

ppillowforever Christmas decoration and gifts

xmas1 Christmas decoration and gifts

I didn’t have any red invisible zippers, but I think the white turned out cute!

xmas pillowback Christmas decoration and gifts

refashion pillow Christmas decoration and gifts

Above pillow was refashioned from this $2.92 shabby interesting sweater.

refashionpillow2 Christmas decoration and gifts

Christmas gifts

for myself :). Pattern here.

knit xmas presents Christmas decoration and gifts

a tiny gnome for my grandma. I used the tiny Santa pattern for this with mods suggested by a fellow Ravelry user.
I added a mouth similar to tiny Santa’s mouth after taking the pictures.

gnome1 Christmas decoration and gifts

Mr. Snowman was made in 2011, but it illustrates perfectly how tiny gnome is.

mochimochi gnome1 Christmas decoration and gifts

my own Santa corsage, carefully looked after by Spike

mochimochi santa Christmas decoration and gifts

A lost pumpkin (forgot to take a picture of him during the appropriate season). Free pattern here. It comes with instructions for arms and legs, but I refrained from adding these, I like them on other people’s creations, but it just didn’t work for my Russet the Pumpkin.

russet the pumpkin Christmas decoration and gifts

Freestanding machine embroidered lace reindeer for my secret Santa. I got this pattern from Urbanthreads.com. Love this site. Lots of machine embroidery sites are somewhat dull/oldfashioned, but this one has fun designs. I got this pattern for $1.50 during the Thanksgiving sale.

The mini brads still needed to be added at this point.

xmas4 Christmas decoration and gifts

Rinsing out the water-soluble stabilizer! The trick to making freestanding lace!

xmas3 Christmas decoration and gifts

Several baprons for 3 precious newborns

bapron2 Christmas decoration and gifts

bapron1 Christmas decoration and gifts

After spending a lovely Holiday season at home, we arrived back in Dallas on Friday morning. Barely escaping the winter storm in Philly and leaving finally at 3am at night instead of 8.30pm.

On the way home to NL, we took so many gifts with us that I could have travelled with an empty suitcase on the way back to DFW …

But there are far better options, like loading it with your mom’s and grandma’s stash, some Christmas gifts and a beautiful 10lbs (4,5kg) cast iron wok.

TSA (homeland security) had to open my suitcase to believe it ! Hilarious! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノcrafter suitcase A Crafters Suitcase

pixel A Crafters Suitcase