Pattern: McCall’s M6426
$11.50 ($1 pattern, $2 bias tape, $2.50 zipper and $6 fabric)
Camelot Flannel Songbirds White
my niece :)
A first: Inserting a zipper!

My mind is overflowing from inspiration, but it’s all related to women, babies&children and home decor.
I find it very hard to think of anything to make for my man!

For Christmas I made him this Mavericks heart, but it’s hardly worth mentioning or giving (McCall 6453, same as the Christmas decorations). We have a couple of girly hearts hanging on door handles at home, so I figured it would be nice to have a more manly heart as well. I still need to add the ribbon so we can actually hang it; I tried to sew the ribbon to the heart a couple of times, before turning the heart outside in, but that didn’t work. Also, I prefer not to have raw finishes showing, but busy with all the other Christmas gifts, this was definitely the fastest way.

So really, I need some inspiration for male presents! Any thoughts about what to DIY for guys?

Santa and his creative elves really spoiled me this year. So much so, that I actually had to get new closet space to fit all my gifts! No kidding! :-O

Here is what I was given over the Holidays:

The Bernina embroidery module to fit my machine, including the Designer v5 software. So pleased with!! However, it’s the most daunting and inspiring gift! The sky is the only limit! When I just got my sewing machine, Maarten asked me if I had already tried it out, to which I answered that I didn’t know how to switch it on. He walked over to the machine, found the on/off button straight away and my excuse was blown :P. I guess him switching the machine on for me was the little bit of encouragement I needed to get started and I may need the same kind of assistance with this add-on!

Wool in every color and texture imaginable! Great for my crochet attempts!

Beautiful scraps and bigger pieces of fabric.

Thread, spools, embroidery thread (really happy with!), snaps in every size possible and the Best Sewing Book by Reader Digest (the earlier better edition :)).

An amount of bias tape, ribbon and ric rac I could only dream of!

A weekly desk calender (although I’m a kid of the internet/digital generation, I can’t handle online calenders); Teach yourself Crochet; a stuffing tool; Amigurimi book and a book about (wool) felting (can’t wait to make felt slippers for my cold feet).

100 patterns for appliques; Embroidered dolls; Ideas for nurseries; Amigurimi&more; 100 flowers to crochet and knit; Sweet plush to crochet (aka Amigurimi world).

Last but definitely not least! A biscornu pincushion made by my grandma in my favorite color! 

Many many thanks to Santa and his elves!!

Pattern: Bapron tutorial by
For: my little niece, born only 12 hours prior to our flight back to the US!

I love the bapron design, so I just had to make another one :).

Pattern: One Yard Wonders; Oven Mitt & Hot Pads, designed by Lelia Thell (book, page 62)
between $3 and $7 a pair, and lots of hours of love and patience ;).
Fabric: cotton (outside) and Insul-Bright (lining)
Benefiting: my family

Now that Christmas is over and all the presents are unwrapped, I can finally post a picture of the massive amount of oven mitts I was working on the last few weeks. In total 8 oven mitts, 8 hot pads and 1 double oven glove.

Don’t expect too many blogs from me the next few weeks! I’m working on 20 different projects at the same time (yes, really), the majority of which being secretive ;). Ideally I would finish one project first and then go on to another, but that’s not in my personality I’m afraid. When taking a break from sewing, I’m trying to teach myself crochet.

In the mean time I’ve finally finished Mr. Snowman (aka Mr. Gnome, according to some readers ;)). I didn’t really like his nightcap (see pattern here), so I changed it into a beanie of some sort. Maybe next year I’ll make him a completely new outfit.

Pattern: Snuggly Owl by
In total around $10-$12, felt is inexpensive!
Benefiting: the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program

My apartment complex started advertising for Toys for Tots about a month ago. It’s Toys for Tots “primary goal to deliver, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters”. I’m hoping they will accept handmade items as well!

As much as I love making items for friends, I never feel like making plush toys, because I’m pretty sure every newborn baby in my circle of friends is getting plenty. I really enjoy making plush toys, but I’d rather make one that’s gonna be used&loved than one that’s gonna be one of the bunch :). So making plush toys for Toys for Tots is something I immediately felt strongly about. I wanted to go for quantity over complexity and therefore chose the Snuggly Owl pattern and ended up making a total of 5 owls. Number 6 in the picture is Mr Owl, my first sewing project on my own.

To be honest I’m not completely happy with the result, I have been pretty sloppy with the detailing and that’s just not me. It’s slightly consoling that toddlers won’t notice the sloppy finishes, but it’s a bit disappointing for myself. I also decided not to add the 3″ side-strip to the owl (making it a pillow), as this was something I was struggling with for hours with Mr. Owl, and it seemed unnecessary. This project once again confirmed that stuffing a toy is hard and a lot of work!! It’s not as easy as it seems!

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