Original: Brigitte Herrod – Scrabble LOVE YOU Picture, love it, but the price of £59 (=$94) not so much
Material: Scrabble letters through Etsy, scrap of quilting cotton, Ikea Ribba frame
For: Christmas present for the hubby (finally finished it)
Cost: $14 in total. $3 for the Ikea frame and $11 for the Scrabble letters.

I saw below picture on the internet a long time ago and absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t mind buying original artwork, but there is no way I’m paying $94 for something that small and easy to remake. A perfect gift for the Wordfeud (Scrabble app for iPad, iPhone etc) playing hubby!


I found the Scrabble letters on Etsy, but the $11 (incl shipping) price was a bit more than I anticipated. I ending up buying them anyway because I couldn’t find any plastic ones sold by the letter (only wooden ones, but I didn’t want that). Now I’m still ‘stuck’ with the remaining 84 letters, so I guess I should make some more Scrabble art ;)

I had a hard time finding the right shadow box frame. I found one right before Christmas, only to find out at home that the glass with ‘Memories’ printed on them was glued to the frame and therefore not replaceable. I ended up giving the piece unfinished :$, and only found the right frame last weekend. There are some shadow boxes out there, but most are much too big, not white or on the expensive side. The Ikea frame is not an actual shadow box, but it worked :) Once I got all the elements, it didn’t take long to put together!


Tutorial: Fabric carrots by Clare’s craftroom
Fabric/material: cotton scraps in orange and green and a little bit of stuffing

I made this little treat for the Easter bunny, for whenever he arrives in town!

fabric carrots 1

fabric carrots2

But look who dived right into the carrots! The ginger Easter bunny! ;)

easter bunny

Pattern: Molly Monkey by mmmcrafts (free!)
Fabric/Material: fleece and cotton fabric. The pattern uses felt instead of fleece, but I really try to make my creations as washable as possible
For: Elena’s 1st birthday

After a little hiatus from sewing, I made this monkey plush for my first born ‘niece’, who just celebrated her 1st birthday! ^v^

I’ve given away the majority of things I’ve made so far (47 out of 69 items), but I must say this was the hardest gift to send off. I put some heart into the color selection and (right) facial expression, so letting go of something so quickly (1 hour (!) after I finished her, I mailed the package out. Yeah, I’m bad with deadlines…) was a bit tough, but also…exciting!

Sending happy packages is always fun :). But, sending things across the ocean is always a bit scary; for about 2 weeks, you just don’t know if it will make it to the right recipient. With handmade things that’s just so much more scary than with easily replaceable store bought items. But, I’m happy to tell that last Friday, miss Molly safely arrived in Amsterdam :).

molly monkey 5
My first attempt (not sewn up yet) at creating the right expression. I’m glad I decided to go with a more open expression.

molly monkey 1

molly monkey 2

molly monkey 4

molly 5
The pattern goes with a smirk kind of smile, but I don’t like smirks, so I changed it to a full smile :).

molly with pummy
I wasn’t the only one having trouble with letting go of Molly: from day one, Pumpkin was smitten with her! When I told him Molly couldn’t stay with us, he cried uncontrollably ;(. I had to be inventive to get pictures without him. Here’s some with him in it :)

Finally finished my last oven mitt. I worked hard on finishing my ovenmitts for Christmas, but sadly finished all but one pair. I finished this pair at the end of January, but wasn’t able to drive to the post office till mid February. So they got severely delayed!

The pattern is from the book One Yard Wonders; Oven Mitt & Hot Pads, designed by Lelia Thell (page 62). I lined the ovenmitt with Insul-Bright, which makes them probably more heat-resistant than any pair bought in a store :).  I used the Caleb Gray, Robot Factory fabric in teal for the outside. I love this fabric! :)

First of all, it’s good to be back! :)
I haven’t been able to get any sewing done the past month, I spend my time watching tv all day long (not willingly!). A sudden unset of (from time to time severe) joint, muscle and nerve pain and stiffness prevented me from doing much of anything at all. Like I said, extremely boring and frustrating.

I’m 90% pain free now, although the pain is still coming and going. Activity tends to make it worse. I still have some doctors appointments planned, because the cause of all this abrupt pain is still unknown. Anyway, back to sewing it is! :)

It was very hard to pick something as my ‘first’ project! I didn’t want to start anything too big, just something cute and simple. I know I have quite some unfinished items on my shelf, but Sewing ADHD really needed to start something new. Somehow it’s quite hard for me to finish things, because I tend to lose interest fast I always get inspired by other things that I want to start making immediately!

Anyway I saw below image on Pinterest…

Source: pinterest.com via Nienke on Pinterest


…and I just wanted to make my own yellow canary! (I still hope to make some of the others too!)


This link makes me wonder: why didn’t I think of that?

Wow, just amazing! And what a dreamjob :) The amount of detail in her creations and how closely she captures the children’s original drawings, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :) Wish this was my job!

Below are some images of her work, but her own website is truly inspirational and worth looking at: Child’s Own Studio

Tutorial: No-sew tutu by Makeit-Loveit.com
Fabric/Material: 4.5 yards of tulle and 1/2″ wide elastic
Cost: About $3 for 4.5 yard
For: 2 yr old Olivia :)
A first:
using tulle! Next time I’ll use 3″ wide rolls instead of yardage, or I won’t use it again, haha! Cutting tulle is horrible!

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