Remember this little fellow? :)

I donated him to Toys for Tots yesterday. I had big plans for Toys for Tots this year, making 1 toy every month, but that didn’t exactly work out.

Maarten really liked him, until I removed his mouth… I think Robot X looks better without!

Anyway I have too many stuffed toys, and I still want to make so many others, so I really hope he’ll find a warm new home  :).

Bye X!

Made this double sided Christmas bapron the other day… :)

The Rudolph fabric is from Hancocks, the flower fabric is from Meet the Gang. The thin bias tape didn’t bother me this time!

My ambitious project is going well!

For a few days I thought I was never going to finish the body. It took me 5 days to finish it. By the time it was finished my hands were sore and I put the knitting down for a couple of days. Now I’m fine again :).

Yes, it looks like a squash!

I’m the most proud of the part that no one will ever see; the bottom. I think all these rounds of increases make it look gorgeous :). Please note that the body can easily be kneaded into a different shape, but I like that the giraffe has a bit of a belly :).

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Moving on to my second knitting project! :)

I couldn’t wait to start making this little fellow. So I decided to just go for it, supported by the Craftsy class, even though I’m a newbie knitter.

So far so good! This is how far I’ve come in 1.5 day!


Knitting with 4 double pointed needles (dpn)

Unfortunately I’m stuck right now, because I need a 12″ circular needle and I only have a 22″. I don’t want to switch back to the DPN, because then I’m more likely to drop stitches and, as Susan B. Anderson said, it will take much more time. Guess a trip to the store is inevitable.

The pink circle points out a sloppy area. I dropped 2 stitches, but was only able to pick up one of the dropped stitches. I picked up a second, but I don’t think it was the right one. I’m not sure. I spent a good half hour re-picking up the stitches, but more logical solutions only made bigger holes in the knit ‘fabric’. I hope this was the best solution!

Knitting with a circular needle


Finished my first knitting project!

I think my knitting definitely improved during the second part of the scarf. There are still some minor mistakes here and there, but I ripped out a couple of rowes 3 times and now I’m done with it. It was just a trial project anyway. The first time I had to rip out some rows, because I forgot the keyhole, then it looked really ugly, and then I forgot the keyhole again…. Maybe I shouldn’t watch TV and knit at the same time?

Yesterday was the annual American Sewing Guild luncheon of our local chapter. Since April I’m the website manager (it may be temporarily under maintenance by the host), updating the site regularly with news items. Probably more often than my own blog, oops.

The luncheon was a lot of fun, we had amazing food, an extremely inspiring and talented speaker and a garage sale. This is what I got:

40 zippers for $5. I should have been 10 for $1, but I miscalculated and paid $5 instead of $4. No biggie. Not sure what I’m going to do with all these zippers, but I just couldn’t pass up the bargain ;).

All above fabric and notions for $5 total. Most items are a good 2-3 yards a piece. Last year I only bought this piece of fabric for $1, this year I scored better :).

Some fleece remnant strings that the cats absolutely love. Guaranteed hours of fun! They look so tense, because I was pulling the string and they had to hold on tight.

And last but not least, this lovely foam lady for $5. She’s a bit large chested for me (understatement), but her hips are my size, so I’m currently trying to reshape her boobs. A work in progress! Any suggestions on why she has a shoe string attached to her bosom?

For: decoration, but Pumpkin seems to love it, so I’m fine with him playing with it.
Pattern: Candy Corn (free) by A Morning Cup of Jo. I still want to make a couple more color variations, especially the Frankenstein! So cute!

I didn’t know what candy corn were, till about a month ago, but, for everyone else who’s not familiar with it; it’s candy popular in the US and Canada primarily around Halloween.

I still had the yarn tail attached to the amigurimi, when I tested it on Pumpkin. I test most toys on Pumpkin, but after the standard smelling, he’s usually not very interested. But, not this time! He loves the candy corn, he thinks it’s his new mouse, he was playing (soccer) with it for 15minutes this afternoon :). So I’ll just make a few more for table decoration, I guess :) That’s if I make it in time before Halloween…

I regret using a thinner yellow yarn than the orange and white yarn, but I can’t buy every color in every thickness. I wonder why it’s so hard to find yarn for a size 4 crochet hook anyway?! The orange and white were both for a size 5 – 5.5 hook.

I only noticed the space between the stitches after putting the safety eyes* in, now this ami keeps reminding me of a piranha, haha :(.

*I’m not sure if they’re actually cat safe, but as always, I’ll keep my eyes on (naughty) Pumpkin!

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