Made this cat bed a few weeks ago for Kisa. I hope she will enjoy hers as much as Pumpkin and Spike enjoy theirs :).

Here’s another picture of the bed that shows the color purple a bit better.


So much work! 1 giraffe leg seems more work than the dotted chicken body!

I think my gauge is getting smaller, so I need to knit more. I’m trying to keep it even, but it’s hard.Some stitches in the unfinished leg (see picture) seem a bit more loose than others. Not sure why!

I’m glad I’m keeping this giraffe!


Online Knitting ClassFinished this Sweet Pea hat last night. I made it for no one in particular, it’s one of the hats in the Hats Four Ways – Circular Knit Lab course.

I didn’t like the design enough to make it in my own size, so I made a child size S. It has a kind of swirl to it. The model is Valentijn, a sweet -you guessed it- February 14th present from my hubby 2 years ago ^v^. This is a cute picture too!

Pattern: Sweet Pea Hat by Stefanie Japel. Available through Craftsy.
Time spent: 1 day
A first: I didn’t learn anything new, haha.
Yarn: Knitpicks Full Circle Bulky in Mocha (will be discontinued)
How much? No clue, $6.49/ball, but I used half I think.
Tools: Circular needle and DPN
sweetpea3  sweetpea2sweetpea1

(please bear with me while I update the design of this website. More on that later)

It’s unbelievable but my mom finally got her apron! ^v^ It only took 5 weeks to get delivered. Jaiks, I really thought it was lost forever!

Here’s proof snail mail can be faster if it wants to! I mailed out this little hen last Saturday and my grandma (named Hennie) got it today! Amazing timing, as it’s her birthday this Monday and the mail man doesn’t come on Mondays.


Pattern: Dotted chickens by Susan B. Anderson (from her Itty Bitty Nursery book)
Time spent: Started December 30th and finished January 5th. Knitted about 1.5hr/day
A first: picking up (39) stitches!
Yarn: white Red Heart Soft Baby Steps yarn (bought at JoAnn) and various colors I had in my stash.
Tools: Knitted with 5 DPN (2 DPN for the detailing). I’m really pleased with the (mostly) lack of yarn ladders! I really enjoy knitting with DPN now, it’s getting easier every time.
Future plans: I would like to make myself a pair of hens and knit/crochet a couple of eggs for Easter, but planning is not my best point ;).


hen  hen2 hen3 hen4


Original by Amy Gaines

Happy New Year everyone!! To a very crafty, healthy and happy 2013!

Pattern: Knit Reindeer Pattern by Amy Gaines
: Christmas decoration

I had big plans this year making lots of decoration for Christmas, but alas…it didn’t happen. Mainly because the Texas warm weather didn’t exactly help with developing a Christmas spirit. And now that it’s finally cold and I’m in the spirit, Christmas is over and it’s already 2013!

But I did make this reindeer. Giraffe decided to take a winter nap in the mean time.

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I waited a few weeks before posting this project, I’m behind on blogging, but that’s not the reason. I didn’t blog this apron yet, because it’s M.I.A., or missing in action. This apron was a birthday gift for my mom, and I posted it on December 7th, but it still hasn’t arrived :(. I know it was still in Texas on the 9th, but that’s where the trace ends. Normally shipping would take between 5-10 working days. Other packages that I sent out, all internationally, the same day or some even 2 weeks later, have all made it across the ocean, so I’m quite worried.

It just sucks, because a) this was a gift for my mom b) I was really satisfied with the result; colors, topstitching, shape. I know a lot of people think I work very neatly, I don’t always agree, but this project was one of my neatest work. I had this project in mind for over a year (the apron matches this oven mitt), so for it to finally come together and get lost….sucks!

Pattern: self-drafted from another apron that I own
For: my mother
Fabric: Garden Tools from Caleb Gray’s Suburbia Collection for Kaufman, and Luca in Moss, West Indies by Jennifer Paganelli.

I didn’t fully manage to get all the blue chalk out. You can see a light stripe in the middle of the pocket. It just doesn’t come out completely. That actually seems to be a recurring thing in my work. Any tips??

I topstitched everything, it makes the whole project look so good :)

Please package make it to the right end destination!

Knook Piggy by Amy Gaines

: Knook Piggy Pattern (free) by Amy Gaines
: Lieve
Size: I made the piglet 50% bigger than the original pattern.

I’ve had so many mixed emotions about this project. This might be the most frustrating project to-date.

I think my expectations got a bit carried away, because I really liked another version of the piglet by a fellow Ravelry member. She must have altered the pattern with lots of in- and decreases:

AnnikkenSky’s Holger

I regret that I didn’t put more in- and decreases into the project, but I’m still too inexperienced for that I think. I really didn’t like the way it was looking in the beginning, it (still) reminds me of a washcloth with eyes :-/.

But as I added the ears and everything, I think it’s sort of cute. Not loving it, but liking it. It’s cute in its own way.

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