My new hobby is buying books for $6!

I love spending time in Half Price Books and online looking through Amazon booksellers trying to find a good deal.


I paid $6.97 (incl $3.99 shipping) for the Spud&Chloe, but paid $5.99 (excl. tax) for Sew Pretty Homestyle and The Perfect Pajama. I don’t just buy any book, I don’t want to hoard anymore (like I did with fabric :$). I have a specific watch-list and I only want to buy books that I’ll use :).It applies to clothing etc as well. Otherwise I might as well save the $ and spend it on a better item, even if it’s more expensive. It’s better to have a few things that you really like, than a whole bunch of things that were cheap and ‘okay’. I’m just trying to be wise with money, even if it’s only $6 :).

Sew Pretty Homestyle is a Tilda book. I’ve always liked the style of Tone Finnanger, but I know that most books of hers I just wouldn’t use.

I’m trying to make pajama bottoms, and the Pajama book offers a lot ideas for cute details.

And last but not least, Spud&Chloe was on my wishlist for a little while! Too cute to resist!

Finished my 2nd hat this weekend; the Wheeler or Maisie hat. Not sure why this pattern has 2 names! Unfortunately it’s not long enough for my head. You can see that the hat is quite short. I do blame the pattern. I think I may frog the decrease rows and lengthen the middle section. I knit this head on 2 circular needles (picture here, it’s hard to see the see-through plastic needles) a method I quite like!



I finally decided on the nose color of my Spring bunny! I think it still needs a yellow flower in its hair…in time ;).



Yesterday evening I joined a crafty get-together. We learned the art of quilling. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done this before, at the age of 10 or something. The get-together was really nice and a lot of fun :)


Pattern: SuperSocks by Maria Denmark (I got the pattern when it was still downloadable for free, it’s now $2).
Fabric needed: 3/4 yard of fleece will make 2 pairs of socks (I paid $3.70 for 3/4 yard of non-pill fleece)

I made these socks yesterday. It was almost 75 Fahrenheit (24°C), so it was definitely too warm to fit fleece socks, but I managed :). They will be nice for when it gets colder again.

supersocks1 supersocks2 supersocks4 supersocks5


The other day I watched the (free) Know Your Wool class by Deb Robson for Craftsy. I really enjoyed this class, it’s very informative, but it may have been a little too advanced for me. I need to have more experience with a variety of yarn to be able to really absorb all the information.


A short introduction: “Deborah Robson specializes in spinning, knitting, and weaving, although she experiments with all aspects of textiles. She co-wrote The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook: More than 200 Fibers from Animal to Spun Yarn, in collaboration with livestock expert Carol Ekarius.”

What I thought was really fun, is that Deb Robson is taking the viewer to a lifestock market and showing the animals (and their fiber) she’s been talking about. I think this is the only Craftsy class that is partially filmed outside of the studio and it’s done really well. I hope Craftsy keeps producing these great classes, free or not!


I finally organized all my fabric, notions, pins, little pieces of paper, thread spools, magazines, patterns and stuff I didn’t know I had. I feel like I have way too much fabric and other clutter, so I’m trying to stay away from JoAnn, Hancocks and online fabric stores. I only go to a craft store, when I need a couple of things. Btw, this isn’t all of it, the walk-in closet stores even more stuff :$, which I’ve also cleaned out completely.

Now that I have decluttered my room, my brain feels less cluttered. Time to use all that fabric! :)


A bit outside of my normal crafty endeavors, but I was asked to (re)present my home country at the Multicultural event of the hospital I volunteer at :).

This is what I made of it! The presentation picture is high res. so it’s readable when you click to enlarge.

The event was a lot of fun! We had food served from 15 different countries. Among them, Scottish scones and soda bread, Italian biscotti’s, Indian samosa’s and paneer with spinach, Cuban empanada’s, Greek cheese triangles, Hawaiian pineapple cake, Chinese dimsum, Ethiopian injera, and I can’t quite remember the rest. I made a handout with Dutch recipes :).

Textile wise, I used orange fleece, as orange is the national color and Dutch ribbon, available through Etsy.



I didn’t think there was much hope for this pair of Maarten’s favorite jeans, as the 2 button holes were quite severely torn.


I tried and I think it will actually work, just wish I had given the ‘support’ button hole an even smaller hole. We’ll see how long it lasts.


On to the next problem :-/, a different pair of jeans though…


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