stroller0During our community yard sale I saw this old stroller with dirty fabric. Not so cute looking and although Little Miss is still way too young for a doll stroller, I thought it could be a nice little project to replace the fabric with something cuter. One wheel axel is bent a little, but otherwise it’s in good shape. It even folds in like a real stroller! How funny :).

When I heard they only asked $1 for it, well…it didn’t need to think much longer!

I started off with a cute fabric, but it just wasn’t working for me:


This is what I came up with! I’m entering it in the Bari J 10 year / 10 collections contest to win her new fabric line and lots of other really beautiful goodies. I love her fabric designs and just bought the Bijoux quilt kit to make some day (hopefully very soon) for the guest room.


I thought it would be cute to make some pics with Little Miss pretending she was using it. She loves to stand up (even though she can’t really yet, she’s only (already!) 8 months) and she got so excited when she saw giraffe in the stroller! She’s so sweet, she totally rocks my world :) <3.

stroller   stroller2 stroller3

I would have loved to sew my girl her first Christmas dress, but I just don’t have the time…

I then found this summer dress at a resale shop on clearance for $1.75 (!) and liked the idea of pimping instead of starting from scratch. Ripped off the ‘worn’ ladybug (I never knew these were also called lady birds!) and the sunflowers…


Looked in my huge ribbon&trim stash, but of course I had nothing that would work…JoAnns was there to help. After finding a pretty combination of 2 trims (for $3.18), I asked the cutting lady how would I sew it onto the dress? “Probably by hand” she said. “That makes sense” I agreed.

Then I went home and turned on my sewing machine and stitched it on! Well…in an ideal world that would have happened the same day but in a baby-world I needed to change a diaper and nurse and change the diaper again :). I have no time for hand sewing. It might be good that I have hardly any time, because it makes for much faster decisions and sewing…and blogging!



The black sequin trim looks kind of harsh in the picture, but not in real life!


Tiny white tights – check!
Black or white cardigan or long sleeve – keeping my eyes open for one.
Cutesie shoes – not sure yet, may have to make them, because no way that I’ll find those for a she’ll-only-wear-those-once price!

I didn’t think there was much hope for this pair of Maarten’s favorite jeans, as the 2 button holes were quite severely torn.


I tried and I think it will actually work, just wish I had given the ‘support’ button hole an even smaller hole. We’ll see how long it lasts.


On to the next problem :-/, a different pair of jeans though…


refashion4I got this halter top 9 years ago, when I was 18 years old and just started living on my own. It was different from anything else I’d ever worn and I loved it at first sight, but it was too expensive, so I didn’t buy it. Weeks later, I paid 14EUR (nowadays $18) for it in sale. I have an exquisite mind for such trivial details ;).

As much as I love it, I’ve hardly ever worn the top. I had acne problems, so I wasn’t confident showing much skin. I kept it in my closet, hoping things would improve. They did and didn’t. In the years that followed I gained 30lbs and the halter top stayed in the closet. Then fashion changed and the low-rise came up, or well…down, actually. I don’t care whether something is in fashion or not, but neither do I about showing off my midriff.

In 2009-2011 I got sense despite removing my 4 wisdom teeth and dealing with a bad removal aftermath (best diet ever! ;)). I started shedding the weight and the top fits again. But now it makes me look like a weirdish bodybuilder (don’t you think the top has a weird shape to begin with?) and I don’t own any high-rise jeans anymore. I realized, as much as I still love the design, I’ll probably never wear this shirt again, so it’d better be refashioned. The large applique makes it hard to make a baby outfit of it, so I decided to go for a simple pillow case (I deliberately angled the print).

It’s the first time I’ve sewn with knits and it’s as hard as I thought it would be. Sewing straight lines is not as easy, so it’s not a perfect square, but it will do. Now all I need is a princess bedroom :).




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