While still deciding on the external fabric of my beach bag (shall I use 1 or 2?), I decided to take on a new project! :) Searching the internet for free tutorials and patterns, via the Bernina website I stumbled upon, which features a lot of free (sewing) tutorials. Amongst which a cute snuggly owl pillow!

Excited about this pillow, I quickly cut all materials and within a few hours I was done with the front part. Perhaps I should have picked something a bit more newbie-level, because I struggled quite a bit making the owl into an actual pillow (with ears!). At the end it wasn’t too hard, I just made it much more complicated then it was, but I had to redo some parts 5 times and all in all it took me 1,5 day to figure it out! Picking a fabric with a pattern doesn’t make it much easier to keep the thickness of the pillow leveled on each side. It shows immediately in the pattern being broken up uneven!

At the end it all worked out! I love the way it looks and I’ll be definitely making more of those for whoever would like one, but…not this week! :)

As I don’t have a sewing machine yet (I’m going to borrow one soon!), I decided to do some sewing by hand today. I found this easy video tutorial and used a leftover piece of blue polkadot fabric :). My two sewing buddies, Pumpkin & Spike, decided to offer mental support all day long… :)

This blog will be a mixture of my sewing creations, drawings, inspiration, and also some cooking.
I’m a very basic sewer (my grandma and I spent one summer making the same pair of pants 5x), but it’s my goal to make couture by this time next year (always be ambitious :)).

Last week I received my first pack of lovely fabrics! Now I need some inspiration!

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