A while ago I found free pattern pieces for moncassin style slippers. I quite liked the style of the slipper (of course I can’t find the link right now), but the pattern didn’t come with guidance how to sew the pieces up. I thought I’d be able to figure it out myself, but wanting to hide all raw seams, I got stuck at a certain point and couldn’t figure out how to make them.

So I gave up and left the cut pattern pieces laying around. Winter passed and I didn’t really need slippers anymore, so I forgot about it.

Till last weekend. I was bored, wanted to sew something, but lost my sewing mojo a little bit over the past few months of not doing much, and wanted a quick and easy project. I bought a pattern (if only I had seen this tutorial before…), cut new pieces of fabric and non-slip sole and in one evening, I sewed them up.

They’re really thin, definitely don’t hide the raw seams inside and don’t give much support at all -perhaps I should have quilted the sole-, but I figured for summer that is fine. The winter pair… well, I’ll finish them some time in Autumn ;).

Ps. I finally managed to cut into my favorite piece of fabric. I still have about 1 3/4 yard left, just need to come up with something else these ‘pearls’ would work with!

Sorry for not blogging for so long! Been busy lately with volunteering work, Spring cleaning and some hospital visits. Some ups and downs, but I feel I’m finally on the way up again :) I’m slowly working on several projects, but there is not much to blog about yet.

This week I got some exciting news, I got accepted to the volunteer program of Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. They have a spot available in the activities room (crafting and playing with kids).
I’m so excited about it, it’s exactly what I wanted! ( ^▽^)ノ Training is starting this coming Monday :).

All right back to sewing :) I made this shabby flower pillow about 6 weeks ago. I still have to put in an invisible zipper and perhaps make the actual pillow case a bit bigger, because this pillow is not filling it up quite enough, and a bigger one doesn’t fit (yet). I’m moderately excited about the result, just wasn’t what I expected, but I think mixed with other pillows, it will still look quite cute.

Tutorial: Shabby flower pillow
Material: quilting cotton
Cost: around $3 for the fabric, $2 for the zipper

shabby flower1

shabby flower2

Tutorial: A cat house by Sewtakeahike
Material: quilting cotton and Pellon Peltex heavy interfacing(71F)
For: Pumpkin & Spike!
Cost: around $22 in total :-/. $13,50 for 4yards of heavy interfacing (that was the 50% discounted price) and about $8 for the quilting cotton
Broken needles: 1
Special techniques: impossible sewing, stuck with my head in the house while sewing up the roof panels (see pictures) :p

I found the little cat house tutorial on Pinterest and was smitten with it; I just knew I needed to make Pumpkin and Spike one!


They love their pet beds, but sometimes they just want to lay covered, instead of being out in the open all the time. So this little house seemed perfect for them :).

The pattern is quite straight forward (I did alter the dimensions because P&S are so big!), I mean, you can easily see from the picture how it’s made, but attaching the flooring and the roof panels was just nearly impossible. I had to sew it up while standing, so I had better control over the house going in the right direction! I just didn’t have enough space behind my sewing machine, so the house ended up riding against the wall. I had to bend the interfacing of the house in every possible position to get the seams sewn. I was a bit worried there that bending it so much would decrease the stability of the house, but it all worked out just fine.

I also had a ‘hard’ time finishing the house, because every time I tried to pin the panels, while sitting on the floor, a little monster would get in the house and make himself comfortable. Aaargh! :) I guess it’s the biggest compliment I could get, though :D.


Originally I wanted to add detailing to the front door and perhaps a bell and name plate, but I couldn’t come up with a good idea, so I decided to leave the front panel like it was. I can always iron something on later.

Here’s some pictures of the cute monsters in their new home! :D


I was surprised they found it enjoyable and comfortable at the same time to sit together. Perfect! ^v^

Awww!! :)



I decided to make an easy Easter bunny this year.
I think it looks sweet, but not very Easter-like. Oh well :) New chances next year.
I think the Bunny needs to be bigger than the carrots, for sure ;).


Tutorial: Hoppy by
Material: I didn’t have a scarf to repurpose, but I used leftover fabric from a dress that was made into a skirt, last year by friends :) For the ears I used felt, and some wool for the pom pom.
Time needed: Without embroidering the face and making the pom pom, this project really doesn’t take long to complete. Unless your name is Nienke and you leave it, completely stuffed and all, laying around for weeks before you decide to sew up the opening ;).


I regret sewing the right side of the face into the seam allowance :-/ But I’d already notched it, so there was no way back.

Hoppy was joined yesterday by these 2 adorable rabbits I found at Hancock Fabrics :)

Original: Brigitte Herrod – Scrabble LOVE YOU Picture, love it, but the price of £59 (=$94) not so much
Material: Scrabble letters through Etsy, scrap of quilting cotton, Ikea Ribba frame
For: Christmas present for the hubby (finally finished it)
Cost: $14 in total. $3 for the Ikea frame and $11 for the Scrabble letters.

I saw below picture on the internet a long time ago and absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t mind buying original artwork, but there is no way I’m paying $94 for something that small and easy to remake. A perfect gift for the Wordfeud (Scrabble app for iPad, iPhone etc) playing hubby!


I found the Scrabble letters on Etsy, but the $11 (incl shipping) price was a bit more than I anticipated. I ending up buying them anyway because I couldn’t find any plastic ones sold by the letter (only wooden ones, but I didn’t want that). Now I’m still ‘stuck’ with the remaining 84 letters, so I guess I should make some more Scrabble art ;)

I had a hard time finding the right shadow box frame. I found one right before Christmas, only to find out at home that the glass with ‘Memories’ printed on them was glued to the frame and therefore not replaceable. I ended up giving the piece unfinished :$, and only found the right frame last weekend. There are some shadow boxes out there, but most are much too big, not white or on the expensive side. The Ikea frame is not an actual shadow box, but it worked :) Once I got all the elements, it didn’t take long to put together!


Tutorial: Fabric carrots by Clare’s craftroom
Fabric/material: cotton scraps in orange and green and a little bit of stuffing

I made this little treat for the Easter bunny, for whenever he arrives in town!

fabric carrots 1

fabric carrots2

But look who dived right into the carrots! The ginger Easter bunny! ;)

easter bunny

Pattern: Molly Monkey by mmmcrafts (free!)
Fabric/Material: fleece and cotton fabric. The pattern uses felt instead of fleece, but I really try to make my creations as washable as possible
For: Elena’s 1st birthday

After a little hiatus from sewing, I made this monkey plush for my first born ‘niece’, who just celebrated her 1st birthday! ^v^

I’ve given away the majority of things I’ve made so far (47 out of 69 items), but I must say this was the hardest gift to send off. I put some heart into the color selection and (right) facial expression, so letting go of something so quickly (1 hour (!) after I finished her, I mailed the package out. Yeah, I’m bad with deadlines…) was a bit tough, but also…exciting!

Sending happy packages is always fun :). But, sending things across the ocean is always a bit scary; for about 2 weeks, you just don’t know if it will make it to the right recipient. With handmade things that’s just so much more scary than with easily replaceable store bought items. But, I’m happy to tell that last Friday, miss Molly safely arrived in Amsterdam :).

molly monkey 5
My first attempt (not sewn up yet) at creating the right expression. I’m glad I decided to go with a more open expression.

molly monkey 1

molly monkey 2

molly monkey 4

molly 5
The pattern goes with a smirk kind of smile, but I don’t like smirks, so I changed it to a full smile :).

molly with pummy
I wasn’t the only one having trouble with letting go of Molly: from day one, Pumpkin was smitten with her! When I told him Molly couldn’t stay with us, he cried uncontrollably ;(. I had to be inventive to get pictures without him. Here’s some with him in it :)

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