30 min projects

I would have loved to sew my girl her first Christmas dress, but I just don’t have the time…

I then found this summer dress at a resale shop on clearance for $1.75 (!) and liked the idea of pimping instead of starting from scratch. Ripped off the ‘worn’ ladybug (I never knew these were also called lady birds!) and the sunflowers…


Looked in my huge ribbon&trim stash, but of course I had nothing that would work…JoAnns was there to help. After finding a pretty combination of 2 trims (for $3.18), I asked the cutting lady how would I sew it onto the dress? “Probably by hand” she said. “That makes sense” I agreed.

Then I went home and turned on my sewing machine and stitched it on! Well…in an ideal world that would have happened the same day but in a baby-world I needed to change a diaper and nurse and change the diaper again :). I have no time for hand sewing. It might be good that I have hardly any time, because it makes for much faster decisions and sewing…and blogging!



The black sequin trim looks kind of harsh in the picture, but not in real life!


Tiny white tights – check!
Black or white cardigan or long sleeve – keeping my eyes open for one.
Cutesie shoes – not sure yet, may have to make them, because no way that I’ll find those for a she’ll-only-wear-those-once price!

For my first nephew!! :)



face as suggested in the pattern

I took these pictures when it was getting dark and I thought there wouldn’t be enough light, but I love how the exposure worked out!

The pattern is Wee Ones by Susan B. Anderson, from the Craftsy class with the same name. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to make this bunny, because I didn’t like the face Susan gave it and couldn’t come up with anything better, but Ravelry is great for this, because it enables you to look at other people’s ideas for a specific pattern. I quickly found TheCraftyPetite’s bunny face and was inspired.

About the embroidered B; ideally it would have been in the exact middle of the corner, but I’m still trying to figure everything out.

The fabric underneath the bunny blanket is a store-bought swaddle bag from Blankets & Beyond.


Oops I did it again... I’m really not sure how to prevent that if you’re embroidering something substantial.




I also included 3 cute little hats in the package, as worn by the bunch in this picture. That’s what they look like, but they’re far less innocent, haha. They’re actually peepee teepees or wee wee wigwams, or whatever you’d like to call them. They protect parents from baby boys’ golden showers during diaper changes, haha. Giraffe was prepared to demonstrate the purpose in an X-rated photoshoot ;). I followed this easy tutorial and quickly whipped up 3 of them. Fun little joke gift for new parents.

Knowing that peepee teepees exist, brightens your day, doesn’t it? :)

Pattern: SuperSocks by Maria Denmark (I got the pattern when it was still downloadable for free, it’s now $2).
Fabric needed: 3/4 yard of fleece will make 2 pairs of socks (I paid $3.70 for 3/4 yard of non-pill fleece)

I made these socks yesterday. It was almost 75 Fahrenheit (24°C), so it was definitely too warm to fit fleece socks, but I managed :). They will be nice for when it gets colder again.

supersocks1 supersocks2 supersocks4 supersocks5


I decided to make an easy Easter bunny this year.
I think it looks sweet, but not very Easter-like. Oh well :) New chances next year.
I think the Bunny needs to be bigger than the carrots, for sure ;).


Tutorial: Hoppy by
Material: I didn’t have a scarf to repurpose, but I used leftover fabric from a dress that was made into a skirt, last year by friends :) For the ears I used felt, and some wool for the pom pom.
Time needed: Without embroidering the face and making the pom pom, this project really doesn’t take long to complete. Unless your name is Nienke and you leave it, completely stuffed and all, laying around for weeks before you decide to sew up the opening ;).


I regret sewing the right side of the face into the seam allowance :-/ But I’d already notched it, so there was no way back.

Hoppy was joined yesterday by these 2 adorable rabbits I found at Hancock Fabrics :)

Original: Brigitte Herrod – Scrabble LOVE YOU Picture, love it, but the price of £59 (=$94) not so much
Material: Scrabble letters through Etsy, scrap of quilting cotton, Ikea Ribba frame
For: Christmas present for the hubby (finally finished it)
Cost: $14 in total. $3 for the Ikea frame and $11 for the Scrabble letters.

I saw below picture on the internet a long time ago and absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t mind buying original artwork, but there is no way I’m paying $94 for something that small and easy to remake. A perfect gift for the Wordfeud (Scrabble app for iPad, iPhone etc) playing hubby!


I found the Scrabble letters on Etsy, but the $11 (incl shipping) price was a bit more than I anticipated. I ending up buying them anyway because I couldn’t find any plastic ones sold by the letter (only wooden ones, but I didn’t want that). Now I’m still ‘stuck’ with the remaining 84 letters, so I guess I should make some more Scrabble art ;)

I had a hard time finding the right shadow box frame. I found one right before Christmas, only to find out at home that the glass with ‘Memories’ printed on them was glued to the frame and therefore not replaceable. I ended up giving the piece unfinished :$, and only found the right frame last weekend. There are some shadow boxes out there, but most are much too big, not white or on the expensive side. The Ikea frame is not an actual shadow box, but it worked :) Once I got all the elements, it didn’t take long to put together!


Tutorial: Fabric carrots by Clare’s craftroom
Fabric/material: cotton scraps in orange and green and a little bit of stuffing

I made this little treat for the Easter bunny, for whenever he arrives in town!

fabric carrots 1

fabric carrots2

But look who dived right into the carrots! The ginger Easter bunny! ;)

easter bunny

Pattern: Self drafted
Time needed: 15-20 min!
Fabric/Material: scraps of Darla Blush by Tanya Whelan (same as Yarn basket and Miss Owl), matching fleece and elastic
myself! :D

Well it’s needless to say that my sleep mask -which I use in summer and in the plane- needed to be replaced desperately. I can wash it a million times but it won’t get any cleaner and the elastic is totally worn out.

I really like the combination of the Darla Blush and fleece fabric, so I wanted to use it again :). Some time in the future I’ll also make a matching neck roll, because I think I lost mine to the hubby ;).

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