I would have liked adding a summary of the things I’ve made in 2014, but that doesn’t make much sense if that means an exact copy paste of my last 10 blog posts :P. I guess adding a baby and renovating a nest to that list, does make it my most productive year ever ;).

Instead of focusing on my lack of sewn items, I’ve made a summary of (more or less) everything I’ve made since 2011. Motivating myself to keep creating, as little as it might be and as slow as it might go. Hoping to one day put my sewing machine, serger, embroidery machine and all those Craftsy classes I signed up for, to good use.

Check my full list of finished projects here.



Houston, we have a problem….why aren’t both halves lining up? :-/ It seems like I need to add two more wedges to the color wheel, but that will involve some rearranging of the colors. I like the current balance between the colors.

Pattern: Pineapple Slices Pillow by Tula Pink (download free pattern)
Fabric: A charm pack (5″ squares) of Cuzco by Kate Spain. Probably one of my favorite fabric lines.
Destination: One day I’ll perfect making my bed and this will be the front cushion. Or would that make it a pillow? :).
Variation: I like that not all the wedges are the same height, I like that kind of ‘imperfection’. But I really would like to join the halves without adding something.


I’m working on the second project of the Inspired Modern Quilts class; the Low Volumes Tiles. There are 12 blocks, each comprised of 12 pieces of 12 different fabrics. :).

The quilt top is called Low Volume because it combines more neutral, quieter fabrics in different grays, highlighted with one pop of color.

I was inspired by the (organic) Birch Fabric Ellie in Green and searched for other low volume fabrics that would go with it. I’m still doubting the use of fabric nr. 5 (Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet). I couldn’t make up my mind, so I lay out the blocks before going to bed, and when I went into my sewing room the next morning my initial thought was “yes, I like it”, so I went with it. I don’t dislike it now, I’m just wondering if there would have been better choices (like chevron or something). But I’ve finished all 12 blocks, so it’s too late to change anything :).

I’m not sewing together the blocks yet, right now it would end up measuring 30×40″ and I think that’s a bit small. I plan on making 8 more blocks, after Easter :).


I just finished the first project for the Inspired Modern Quilts Craftsy class. Yeah… I couldn’t resist buying another one. What can I say? I love Craftsy!

I really want to make myself a modern quilt, but I reckon I need some practice. My first 2 attempts were a bit messy after all…

For this Embracing Randomness project I used the rotary cutter for the first time. Still need to figure out the easiest way to left-handed rotary cutting, ugh. I just don’t get a steady grip on the cutter and ruler. I roughly cut everything 3.5″, but roughly isn’t quite good enough if you want to perfectly align all the blocks…Practice, practice :)).


The idea of this Embracing Randomness is to cut 80 (or how many you’d like) squares, mix them in a shoebox or bowl and randomly lay them out. After doing that with all of the squares, you can change things a little bit if you like. I didn’t change the direction of the dachshund print, I quite liked the randomness!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this quilt top. Maybe a pillowcase or cushion? Time will whisper the answer in my ear!




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