The ‘little men’ liked the cat pillow a bit better than I had anticipated. The result? Daily fights, stolen territories and evil looks going from one side of the room to the other. The morning after finishing the first pillow I put it in Spikes favorite corner, just to see if he would actually use it. I had never seen Pumpkin laying in that corner before, but as the days passed, he was laying there for the majority of the time, and claiming the pillow to be all his. Poor Spike! Thrown out of his corner kingdom completely!

So today I decided to make bed #2. Different color, texture (just 100% cotton) and a bit (25%) bigger. Since they’re both so keen on that specific corner now, I just put the new one next to the old one. Spike discovered the new bed first and seemed to think he had not only conquered his kingdom again, but a neighboring country as well ;). It only took a little bit, ’til he decided to share his reign :).

I already knew I wanted to make a pet bed for our little men, so when I found a pattern in One-Yard Wonders and fabric in JoAnn, I started working on it this afternoon. The pattern is really easy, cutting the many different sizes trapezoids was the hardest part. Sewing it all together and stuffing it went like a rocket.

Pumpkin at first was a bit hesitant, but within an hour of putting the bed on the living room floor, he left his favorite drool towel and cuddled up to the new bed! While I’m writing this, he’s actually sleeping in the bed and Spike just seemed interested as well. Awww, that’s appreciation! ^v^

I do fear that ‘one-size-fits-all’ doesn’t apply to big, overweight male cats, because it seems a bit small :(. This picture illustrates that even better. I may have to rip the seams and add a few extra inches, but will wait to see how the cats react. Also, I’m wondering if a comfortable flannel will survive for long. We’ll see!

2hrs later and Spike has discovered the bed as well! I don’t think it’s (much) too small now!

As I don’t have a sewing machine yet (I’m going to borrow one soon!), I decided to do some sewing by hand today. I found this easy video tutorial and used a leftover piece of blue polkadot fabric :). My two sewing buddies, Pumpkin & Spike, decided to offer mental support all day long… :)

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