Pet bed #1 and pet bed #2 are still very popular, well actually mostly #2.
#1 is definitely a bit too small for optimal comfort and after each washing (every so often) Pumpkin and Spike need a lot of encouragement to start using it again. Spike mostly uses it for kneading and they actually prefer sleeping on the floor in front of it over actually sleeping on the bed :-/.

Pet bed #1 (on the left) wasn't reshaped yet in this picture, making it look exceptionally small. Please excuse the mouse hanging in front of the camera :)

Pumpkin and Spike have been trying to share pet bed #2 (the pink one), but it’s more like an uncomfortable twin bed. So I put pet bed #1 in the cat house and decided to make pet bed #3 :). I picked up some flannel at JoAnns (2,5 yards at $3,29/yard) a little while ago and decided to make the bed 150% of the original size. That would be the same size as pet bed #2 (queen size). Would…yes, because pet bed #3 turned out huge, more like an actual king size bed! I must have done something wrong with seam allowances, I’m guessing?

Of course Spike was the first to jump in... Pumpkin wasn't so easily gonna give up on his favorite sleeping spot *rolleyes* (we tried correcting him, that makes his naughty behavior actually worse)

Now Spike, king of his pillow, likes showing you how you can optimize the use of a king size bed :)

But…it only took a few hours, before they found each other again. Brotherly love, awww ! :)

(I must be a boring photographer, because they kept yawning on camera!)

I’ve added some detailing to the cat house:

~ a bell that rings whenever Spike or Pumpkin enters the house :) They happily play with it as well!

~ a house number; I finally decided between a name plate and an apartment number and I’m pleased with the result :)

~ birds on elastic thread, made of cardboard from cornflakes and taco packaging

~ organic cat grass, which they don’t seem too keen on, actually. They were intrigued while I took the pictures, but now they completely ignore it!

(for the tutorial on how to make this cat house, please look at the Sewtakeahike tutorial)

Tutorial: A cat house by Sewtakeahike
Material: quilting cotton and Pellon Peltex heavy interfacing(71F)
For: Pumpkin & Spike!
Cost: around $22 in total :-/. $13,50 for 4yards of heavy interfacing (that was the 50% discounted price) and about $8 for the quilting cotton
Broken needles: 1
Special techniques: impossible sewing, stuck with my head in the house while sewing up the roof panels (see pictures) :p

I found the little cat house tutorial on Pinterest and was smitten with it; I just knew I needed to make Pumpkin and Spike one!


They love their pet beds, but sometimes they just want to lay covered, instead of being out in the open all the time. So this little house seemed perfect for them :).

The pattern is quite straight forward (I did alter the dimensions because P&S are so big!), I mean, you can easily see from the picture how it’s made, but attaching the flooring and the roof panels was just nearly impossible. I had to sew it up while standing, so I had better control over the house going in the right direction! I just didn’t have enough space behind my sewing machine, so the house ended up riding against the wall. I had to bend the interfacing of the house in every possible position to get the seams sewn. I was a bit worried there that bending it so much would decrease the stability of the house, but it all worked out just fine.

I also had a ‘hard’ time finishing the house, because every time I tried to pin the panels, while sitting on the floor, a little monster would get in the house and make himself comfortable. Aaargh! :) I guess it’s the biggest compliment I could get, though :D.


Originally I wanted to add detailing to the front door and perhaps a bell and name plate, but I couldn’t come up with a good idea, so I decided to leave the front panel like it was. I can always iron something on later.

Here’s some pictures of the cute monsters in their new home! :D


I was surprised they found it enjoyable and comfortable at the same time to sit together. Perfect! ^v^

Awww!! :)



It doesn’t take much to make the little men happy!

I guess I can describe my fiber fill as preloved from now on :)

(sorry for the bad sound quality)

I’ve changed my mind a little bit, I like patchwork, the modern kind. I was always confusing it with quilting, but now I finally know the difference. I even tried my hand at quilting for the first time the past week (picture will be online, once the postman has done his work), but I don’t like it. It’s harder than I thought, stitching straight lines through 3 thick layers of fabric, even with an expensive (walking) foot!

I like patchwork, because there are so many fabric, texture, color combinations possible, in unlimited shapes etc. That’s what is making the good thing hard though! But this is what my decisions came down to:

I got the various kinds of fabric out of a scrap bag (all sorts of sizes, colors and prints of left-over fabrics in a selection of different sizes), which I bought online. A month after I started sewing, I figured I could never buy all the fabric I would need or like, so the bag was a good alternative. Perfect for appliques as well! And of course I wasn’t the only one excited about all these new ‘drool towels’ ;)… Pumpkin, no!

No drooling? What about some digging? I know you got some good stuff there, hidden from me!

Yes, he often even sits down on the chair behind the sewing machine! My true little helper :).

Btw, I keep forgetting to make pictures of finished projects and as it were presents, I no longer have them! The past few weeks I’ve also made a Mouse-fabric bapron, a Dallas Mavericks fabric flower and 6 bibs, 13 neck coolers and 3 blankets for the Red Cross. Regretfully I quit sewing to serve at the Red Cross. The distance to pick up and drop off fabric was just too great (1,5hrs both ways by public transport).

Yeah, I finally finished my ric-rac pillow! Well only the envelope-shaped pillowcase actually, the decoration will follow some other time :).

I solved the ric-rac-problem by temporary basting it to one side. This way I could easily sew up the pillow (see earlier/final method in the picture on the right). The ric-rac doesn’t stick out as much as I had hoped, so I’m not sure it was worth all the trouble, but I’m still pleased :).

The pillowcase is a bit big, but altering that would mean a lot of work and I’m not really up for that anymore. Instead I’ll just add loose stuffing to the store-bought pillow form.

I donated the remaining yard of ric-rac to Spike&Pumpkin, as Spike kept trying to steal it from me, while I was positioning it on the pillow and the majority was laying on the carpet :).

Yesterday we took home a big box full of happiness! I became the proud and very happy owner of my first sewing machine; a Bernina 430.
That’s like your first car being a BMW! It’s just as daunting though, I don’t want to damage the machine, and there are so many luxury options. Many many hearts & thanks to the best hubby ! ?

The machine comes with 12 hours of (introductory) classes and the first one is tomorrow morning!

Pumpkin is all too familiar with the term ‘happiness in a box’! :)

While informing myself about sewing machines for several weeks, I became a member of the American Sewing Guild (ASG). They offer local Neighborhood Groups and discount with craft stores.

And to top all of that, during Xmas the embroidery module & software will be awaiting me in the Netherlands. So excited about that as well! Many, many thanks to my most generous aunt! :))

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