Christmas home decor



I didn’t have any red invisible zippers, but I think the white turned out cute!



Above pillow was refashioned from this $2.92 shabby interesting sweater.


Christmas gifts

for myself :). Pattern here.


a tiny gnome for my grandma. I used the tiny Santa pattern for this with mods suggested by a fellow Ravelry user.
I added a mouth similar to tiny Santa’s mouth after taking the pictures.


Mr. Snowman was made in 2011, but it illustrates perfectly how tiny gnome is.


my own Santa corsage, carefully looked after by Spike


A lost pumpkin (forgot to take a picture of him during the appropriate season). Free pattern here. It comes with instructions for arms and legs, but I refrained from adding these, I like them on other people’s creations, but it just didn’t work for my Russet the Pumpkin.


Freestanding machine embroidered lace reindeer for my secret Santa. I got this pattern from Love this site. Lots of machine embroidery sites are somewhat dull/oldfashioned, but this one has fun designs. I got this pattern for $1.50 during the Thanksgiving sale.

The mini brads still needed to be added at this point.


Rinsing out the water-soluble stabilizer! The trick to making freestanding lace!


Several baprons for 3 precious newborns



This was a ‘tiny’ challenge between Lisa and I to see if I could knit this unicorn faster than the 3hrs it took her. I thought it would easily be doable in less than 2hrs, but it took me almost 2.5hrs :-/. The body took me ‘only’ 50mins, but the detailing…little ridiculous for a 1.5″ thing!

I knit this unicorn on size 1 (2.25mm) wooden needles. Or I guess you could call them toothpicks, because that’s what it felt like; so thin.

Anyone who wants to take this bet and knit #3? ;)

mochimochi_unicorn mochimochi_unicorn1 mochimochi_unicorn2

For everyone wondering how the not so itty bitty giraffe is doing…

I ripped out the head, but knit all four legs, the tail and started on the pompoms. So he’s almost done, but not quite yet. He’s been sitting headless on the cabinet for a couple of months. This afternoon I found Spike like this:




Spike loves the giraffe, headless or not…

A little weekend project; fixing Pumpkin’s and Spike’s scratching post. The rope was old, the hairs were just coming out, it was almost growing a hairdo, I cut/shaved the post rigorously twice. Replacement was desperately needed. We were looking at replacing the entire scratching post at first, but most of them are expensive ($50) and/or too ugly to put in your living room. We did find one that was exactly the same but still $32. Seemed like a lot of money for just a bit of new rope. Also, throwing the entire thing indirectly into landfill just felt like an extreme waste. So DIY it was!

After spending $18 on a staple gun, $8.50 on the rope and $3.50 on 1250 (!) staples, we still spend $32 (incl. tax), haha! Oh well, the cost of investing in tools. I plan to do some re-upholstery, so a staple gun was on my wish list anyway.

Thankfully the hubby helped me out, because firing the stapler takes some strength, which is just unpredictable in my case. The staples are now more obvious than they were -I don’t care at all – I just hope Spike and Pumpkin won’t be bothered by them. Despite the noise of firing of the staples, Pumpkin and Spike were far too busy dreaming about all their future scratching adventures :).





Pattern: Louie the Lovebot
For: a very late Valentine’s gift
Yarn: gray Caron Simply Soft and blue from my mom’s yarn closet
A first: A few firsts actually! 1) the double stitching for the heart, I decided inertia was too ambitious, 2) jogless 2 row stripes (thanks to KnitDarling), 3) knitting a toy with 2 circular needles 4) binding off with 3 DPN, 5) Binding off with the kitchener stitch. Magic! So beautiful! I think that’s all the new things I’ve learned :)

louieinworks1 louieinworks2





Made this cat bed a few weeks ago for Kisa. I hope she will enjoy hers as much as Pumpkin and Spike enjoy theirs :).

Here’s another picture of the bed that shows the color purple a bit better.


Yesterday was the annual American Sewing Guild luncheon of our local chapter. Since April I’m the website manager (it may be temporarily under maintenance by the host), updating the site regularly with news items. Probably more often than my own blog, oops.

The luncheon was a lot of fun, we had amazing food, an extremely inspiring and talented speaker and a garage sale. This is what I got:

40 zippers for $5. I should have been 10 for $1, but I miscalculated and paid $5 instead of $4. No biggie. Not sure what I’m going to do with all these zippers, but I just couldn’t pass up the bargain ;).

All above fabric and notions for $5 total. Most items are a good 2-3 yards a piece. Last year I only bought this piece of fabric for $1, this year I scored better :).

Some fleece remnant strings that the cats absolutely love. Guaranteed hours of fun! They look so tense, because I was pulling the string and they had to hold on tight.

And last but not least, this lovely foam lady for $5. She’s a bit large chested for me (understatement), but her hips are my size, so I’m currently trying to reshape her boobs. A work in progress! Any suggestions on why she has a shoe string attached to her bosom?

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