For: 3-month old Akbar in Pakistan. His mommy made up my nickname and therefore .com :) The package safely made it to its destination.
Patterns: I combined the Monster Rattles pattern with features of Louie the Lovebot. Both patterns are by Rebecca Danger.
Materials: stash yarn and non-pill fleece from JoAnn’s.
A first…or two!: Making a crochet edge for the fleece blanket! Also making a custom label with the embroidery module!
Extra: a London bapron for Akbar!






Pattern: A New Sock Monkey by Susan B. Anderson
Time spent: 2 days. I didn’t have time to knit the body and legs and liked the idea of a blanket.
For: Sawyer





the original, with far too scary eyes!

the original draughty dog, with far too scary eyes!

Pattern: Draughty Dog from the book Knitted Nursery. When I saw this draughty dog, I knew I wanted to make Elena one.
For: Elena’s 2nd birthday
Time spent: 3 weeks (= while watching tv)
Yarn: The dog is almost entirely made out of yarn, from my mother’s closet. Stash busting!
Errors: The gauge for this project was off. Quite a bit, because for toys it’s better to use 2-3sizes smaller than recommended needle size. I forgot about that :-/. Should have started over on a much smaller needle :-/ I lined the body to prevent stuffing from coming out, it’s not that bad actually, and the lining will also provide some stability.

Also the dog has a bit of a birthmark (see pictures). I picked up 1 stitch too many, noticed it after a few rows, tried to take it out,  but it left a hole. Tried to put it back in, didn’t work either. So I sort of double stitched the hole afterwards.





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Pattern: Louie the Lovebot
For: a very late Valentine’s gift
Yarn: gray Caron Simply Soft and blue from my mom’s yarn closet
A first: A few firsts actually! 1) the double stitching for the heart, I decided inertia was too ambitious, 2) jogless 2 row stripes (thanks to KnitDarling), 3) knitting a toy with 2 circular needles 4) binding off with 3 DPN, 5) Binding off with the kitchener stitch. Magic! So beautiful! I think that’s all the new things I’ve learned :)

louieinworks1 louieinworks2






Pattern: Flamingo by Susan B. Anderson
For: My sister, who just graduated
Time: finished the flamingo in 3 days, except for the legs. I had never knit an i-cord before and had some trouble with it. Just didn’t look pretty and too fluffy. In the end (2 months later, that is….) I got a spool from my aunt and finished the legs in no time! I knitted over 3 nails, and after knitting 6″, I picked up the stitches to continue on 2 DPN to make the feet.



The pattern asks for 2 pipe cleaners. I tried to use a straw, but that didn’t quite work. So I replaced it with a pipe cleaner.



Congrats on graduating, Marieke!! :)

My new hobby is buying books for $6!

I love spending time in Half Price Books and online looking through Amazon booksellers trying to find a good deal.


I paid $6.97 (incl $3.99 shipping) for the Spud&Chloe, but paid $5.99 (excl. tax) for Sew Pretty Homestyle and The Perfect Pajama. I don’t just buy any book, I don’t want to hoard anymore (like I did with fabric :$). I have a specific watch-list and I only want to buy books that I’ll use :).It applies to clothing etc as well. Otherwise I might as well save the $ and spend it on a better item, even if it’s more expensive. It’s better to have a few things that you really like, than a whole bunch of things that were cheap and ‘okay’. I’m just trying to be wise with money, even if it’s only $6 :).

Sew Pretty Homestyle is a Tilda book. I’ve always liked the style of Tone Finnanger, but I know that most books of hers I just wouldn’t use.

I’m trying to make pajama bottoms, and the Pajama book offers a lot ideas for cute details.

And last but not least, Spud&Chloe was on my wishlist for a little while! Too cute to resist!

Finished my 2nd hat this weekend; the Wheeler or Maisie hat. Not sure why this pattern has 2 names! Unfortunately it’s not long enough for my head. You can see that the hat is quite short. I do blame the pattern. I think I may frog the decrease rows and lengthen the middle section. I knit this head on 2 circular needles (picture here, it’s hard to see the see-through plastic needles) a method I quite like!



I finally decided on the nose color of my Spring bunny! I think it still needs a yellow flower in its hair…in time ;).



Yesterday evening I joined a crafty get-together. We learned the art of quilling. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done this before, at the age of 10 or something. The get-together was really nice and a lot of fun :)


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