Well…., at least Julius is done in time for Xmas 2014 ;)

Free pattern here!


As one of Santa’s secret aides, he needs his glasses to read everyone’s wish list :)



Christmas home decor



I didn’t have any red invisible zippers, but I think the white turned out cute!



Above pillow was refashioned from this $2.92 shabby interesting sweater.


Christmas gifts

for myself :). Pattern here.


a tiny gnome for my grandma. I used the tiny Santa pattern for this with mods suggested by a fellow Ravelry user.
I added a mouth similar to tiny Santa’s mouth after taking the pictures.


Mr. Snowman was made in 2011, but it illustrates perfectly how tiny gnome is.


my own Santa corsage, carefully looked after by Spike


A lost pumpkin (forgot to take a picture of him during the appropriate season). Free pattern here. It comes with instructions for arms and legs, but I refrained from adding these, I like them on other people’s creations, but it just didn’t work for my Russet the Pumpkin.


Freestanding machine embroidered lace reindeer for my secret Santa. I got this pattern from Love this site. Lots of machine embroidery sites are somewhat dull/oldfashioned, but this one has fun designs. I got this pattern for $1.50 during the Thanksgiving sale.

The mini brads still needed to be added at this point.


Rinsing out the water-soluble stabilizer! The trick to making freestanding lace!


Several baprons for 3 precious newborns



After spending a lovely Holiday season at home, we arrived back in Dallas on Friday morning. Barely escaping the winter storm in Philly and leaving finally at 3am at night instead of 8.30pm.

On the way home to NL, we took so many gifts with us that I could have travelled with an empty suitcase on the way back to DFW …

But there are far better options, like loading it with your mom’s and grandma’s stash, some Christmas gifts and a beautiful 10lbs (4,5kg) cast iron wok.

TSA (homeland security) had to open my suitcase to believe it ! Hilarious! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノcrafter_suitcase

Another baby blanket, most likely my last one. 2014 is going to be about sewing/knitting stuff for myself, not others. I wanted to quit baby gifts many times before, more seriously last summer, but extended till the end of the year. Now I’m done with them. I will post some other (last) baby gifts soon, together with things I made for Christmas.

Pattern: Sunny Bunny (free). Not really impressed by this pattern. I got it to look cute only by looking at this user project. I don’t think mine looks like a bunny, maybe more like a kangaroo? Sunny Kangaroo it is :).

Embroidery: I used interfacing on the front and back, to support the fleece fabric and that made a big difference.

Fleece fabric: Nicey Jane by Anna Maria Horner (sold out). Wish I had ordered 2.5yards more to make myself fleecy PJ pants, but I know I didn’t because I have plenty of other fabric suitable for pajamas.








Pattern: Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi Santas

We use these as Christmas ‘corsages’ during our volunteer shift in Children’s Medical Center. The kids love them!

My Santa is slightly bigger than Joan’s. For the smaller Santa I split the black yarn. I don’t have thin black yarn, but it worked, just wasn’t very easy to knit. For my Santa I decided not to split the yarn, hence the legs were much much bigger and I decided to make the rest of the body bigger as well.

Unfortunately, I didn’t finish my Santa in time to be able to have both Santas in the same picture, I had already gifted the smaller Santa to Joan by then.

I had the hardest time getting the embroidery done. I had to redo the eyes a few times. Everything is so tiny and I wanted the eyes to look right. In the pattern the Santa doesn’t have a mouth, but Maarten suggested it would look nicer, so I added the mouth and I agree. Although small Santa could be smiling a bit more…

I knit these Santas on size 1 (2.25mm, or size “toothpick”) DPNs and broke 1 in half and broke the tip off of another one :-/.

It’s getting colder in Dallas as well, so time to knit a few items to keep me warm :)

Pattern: Handwarmers by Creative Yarn (free)
Stitch: moss stitch. I made one tiny mistake, but it’s not visible :).
Gauge: my first gauge swatch! I was a little impatient though… Instead of the suggested 34 stitches I cast on 38 stitches, as I never fit standard size fashion bracelets. Size seems right, but the 2nd warmer that I knit is slightly smaller than the 1st.
Yarn: Knitpicks’ Shine Sport in color Hydrangea. I really like this color! I actually wanted to use merino wool as suggested, but couldn’t find any at Michaels and didnt’ feel like driving anywhere else/ordering and waiting for it to arrive. I dug into my stash and found the Shine Sport which is made out of 60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal natural beech wood fiber. They seem very warm :). If not I’ll make another pair.
Cost: used 3/4 of a $2.99 skein
Seaming: I was uncertain about the seaming. The warmers are slightly tight so I didn’t want to lose fabric by using the mattress stitch…Wish more people on Ravelry showed their seams!
Cats: these handwarmers will work well for me. Maarten got me a pair last year that had finger separation, but I’d like to be able to wash my fingers without taking them of. Also, gloves are a hair magnet when petting a cat -and Spike is demanding-, so I needed my fingers to be free.
Time spent: started on Tuesday, finished last night and seamed everything together this morning (Friday).




For my first nephew!! :)



face as suggested in the pattern

I took these pictures when it was getting dark and I thought there wouldn’t be enough light, but I love how the exposure worked out!

The pattern is Wee Ones by Susan B. Anderson, from the Craftsy class with the same name. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to make this bunny, because I didn’t like the face Susan gave it and couldn’t come up with anything better, but Ravelry is great for this, because it enables you to look at other people’s ideas for a specific pattern. I quickly found TheCraftyPetite’s bunny face and was inspired.

About the embroidered B; ideally it would have been in the exact middle of the corner, but I’m still trying to figure everything out.

The fabric underneath the bunny blanket is a store-bought swaddle bag from Blankets & Beyond.


Oops I did it again... I’m really not sure how to prevent that if you’re embroidering something substantial.




I also included 3 cute little hats in the package, as worn by the bunch in this picture. That’s what they look like, but they’re far less innocent, haha. They’re actually peepee teepees or wee wee wigwams, or whatever you’d like to call them. They protect parents from baby boys’ golden showers during diaper changes, haha. Giraffe was prepared to demonstrate the purpose in an X-rated photoshoot ;). I followed this easy tutorial and quickly whipped up 3 of them. Fun little joke gift for new parents.

Knowing that peepee teepees exist, brightens your day, doesn’t it? :)

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