I’m only about 2 years behind with blogging, so this is an attempt to make it up to you all.

Here are my knits of 2014 to 2016.

I’m currently still working on 16 other PHD’s (projects half done) ;) Starting something new is tempting, because I don’t have much time to do anything, but fantasize about making all sorts of things all the time.

Mr. Pudgenstein, finished February 2014

Still need to make his Mrs.!

pudg1 pudg2_medium2

Frog (Kikker) teething clip and book mark, made between January and Juny 2015

IMG_2106_medium2 kikker2_medium2

Hot Cross Bunny (February 2015 – May 2016)

My first Alan Dart project…unfortunately he only writes flat knitted patterns…sooo…..a lot of seaming had to be done, hence I started in February 2015 and found the courage to finish him May 2016. Please don’t say he looks like a mouse :P.

The safety eyes were an after thought -stitching the eyes didn’t work out – so at the very end of this project, I had to cut his head seaming open. I couldn’t find the mattress stitch seam in this Phildar douce mess, so I did cut a hole. Freaked me out for a minute, but a good thing about the douce is that it doesn’t unravel and I was able to seam it up again (see pic of back of his head after cutting the whole). In any other yarn case, I would never just cut a random hole!

The head kept being floppy, so I stuck a skewer up his a##, haha. It worked great.

I re-did the coloring of the hot cross bun 3 times, to make it look baked and real (the bottom is a lighter color). First I used a marker, didn’t look very subtle. Thankfully it was washable marker and I omitted the cardboard bottom (also in the feet). Second time I used eyeshadow. Looked great, but months later it was still coming off. Washed it again. I considered shoe polish but tested on a swatch and it was too dark. Third attempt, while looking for markers again I found them, was a fat crayon. Worked like a charm and doesn’t stain the chef’s coat. Mixed in a second color to make it more real. Finally a good result.

I think I might sell this bunny on Etsy. He’s not what I hoped he would be.

IMG_2047_medium2 IMG_2039_medium2

IMG_2034_medium2 IMG_2023_medium2

Yellow Chicken Tanoshi (June 2015)

These Tanoshi patterns are super cute, I want to make many many more. Too bad she charges $5 for each pattern, while they are almost alike.

tanoshi_chick3_medium2 tanoshi_chick2_medium2

Arm knit scarf #1 and #2 (September 2015)

I followed a free class at Michaels with friends on arm knitting. Super fun and fast. You can make these scarfs in 30mins. Still need to find a balance. The teal one is too bulky for my liking and the colorful one is cute, but not something I’d wear (too long or so?), so I’m going to rip it, because it was expensive t-shirt yarn.

IMG_0609_medium2 hicel_medium2

Hedgehog and Squirrel (November 2015 – March 2016)

These are topsy-turvy toys, meaning  the squirrels flips inside-out turning into a hedgehog and the other way around. I wanted them to be stand alone, so I knit both separately and closed their bottom. Great fall decor!

hs9_medium2 hs10_medium2 hs6_medium2 hs1_medium2
hs4_medium2 hs7_medium2

Santa (December 2015 – June 2016)

If I make a Santa that I like better, I may end up selling this one too…

IMG_2098_medium2 IMG_2094_medium2

Bunny Boo (March – May 2016)

Still want to make a family of these!

  IMG_2062_medium2 IMG_2057_medium2 IMG_2063_medium2

Arthur, the pencil (finished in 3 days in May 2016)

Styling done by my stylist :)

Styling for the photoshoot done by my stylist :)


Sneak peek

Something I’ve been working on…. using super bulky yarn…

It’s going to be something entirely different than a hat (guessing is encouraged), but we just decided to put it on our head.


DSCF0730_medium2This is a gift for my friend who moved to California last week :(
She loves handmade items and had a baby girl about 7 weeks ago. The baby’s name means princess in Turkish, so I thought a princess blanket would be fitting :).

The pattern is Princess Scarlett by Cilla Webb


I had some trouble with this project and in the end it became very frustrating. Because this item is for a newborn, I wanted to use good quality 100% cotton (because of the problems longhaired polyester and wool fibers can cause), but had a hard time locating the right color in the yarn store fairly close (err..I mean 11mile/18km) from my house. I didn’t have time for any online orders. Or maybe I didn’t feel like it.

Because of the serious lack of choice in cotton yarn, I ended up using different weights of yarn and this caused some gauge problems. I really don’t like knitting with cotton, also. It makes for very uneven stitches, I think (see area around left eye) and the yarn kept splitting. I tried knitting the lace blanket, but messed it up, tried ripping 3 rows, but lost my stitch count and gave up.

I decided on just using minky fabric for the blanket and hand knot it, as the cotton backing fabric was sagging. This solution helped somewhat, but I’m not sure how practical it is for a baby :-/


My little stylist working hard during the photoshoot ;).




Pattern: Koala mama and baby by Susan B. Anderson

I started this project early 2014 and could have been done with this 2 years earlier, if I hadn’t forgotten which little bit of white I used for the inner ears. I made it my mission to find the right color of white in my messy stash, but just couldn’t figure out which skein it had been. In the end, I decided to change the inner ears to pink and finished it that same day (like eh…3 days ago or something).

I wasn’t a fan of sewing the minky blanket to something else. It kept shifting, even while using a walking foot. Had to re-sew it a couple of times to get it to lay tight, so it wouldn’t sag as Princess Begum’s blanket (to be posted later) did. All the reverse sewing (as in; ripping :() had wrinkled the cotton backing, so I ironed the blanket -minky side down and on cold temperature- but I think I ironed out some of the minky dots?!?

My 15mo old daughter loves this blanket, merely for the fact that the koala has such a prominent nose, haha :). She is really into noses now.




I would have liked adding a summary of the things I’ve made in 2014, but that doesn’t make much sense if that means an exact copy paste of my last 10 blog posts :P. I guess adding a baby and renovating a nest to that list, does make it my most productive year ever ;).

Instead of focusing on my lack of sewn items, I’ve made a summary of (more or less) everything I’ve made since 2011. Motivating myself to keep creating, as little as it might be and as slow as it might go. Hoping to one day put my sewing machine, serger, embroidery machine and all those Craftsy classes I signed up for, to good use.

Check my full list of finished projects here.


With baby girl in my life, it’s a wonder if I have time to make something, so when I do, I don’t necessarily have time to make pictures of blog about it. Here’s a overview of things I’ve made the last couple of months.

Bumble Bee

I finished this bee 2 hours before my water broke! Great timing :).
I added a squeaker insert from this shop to the body.

The pattern is from, but it contains many mistakes.


Pleather Mary Jane’s

Too bad I only realized after making these that fake leather = pleather = PVC leather or else I would have never made these. Ugh, I thought PVC wasn’t used in consumer products anymore… :-/.

Pattern drafted with help of this tutorial. Getting both to look the same was the hardest part. Also at first they reminded me of unflattering wooden shoes. They never stayed on very well, they kept slipping off, even though I think they were fitted pretty well, so she never wore them that much.


XXL Changing Mat

Public changing tables are gross. With an transatlantic flight scheduled, I knew I had to make a real big mat so my baby wouldn’t be able to touch anything. The mat is 25×30″ (64x76cm). The back is PUL (polyurethane laminate), so waterproof. Pretty nice, if she decides to soil the mat, which happened more than a few times already.

Let’s not look too long at the crooked front. Not sure how it happened…again.

Tutorial by HowJoyful, although I made the mat bigger.

changingmat copy

Fleece winterhat

A Texas baby visiting the Netherlands needs a warm hat!

Pattern from



Crib sheets


IMG_9978 cribsheet_lizzy_house

Left: 2 yards of Annette Tatum – Suzani Flower, bought from Studio25Fabrics.

Right: 2 yards of  Lizzy House – Catnap

Heart amigurumi

Free pattern here. heart

Frog teether clip

Pattern: Frog pacifier clip by Susan B. Anderson

Gift for Vera’s newborn who gifted us beautifully knit booties!


Dachshund Sam

Pattern: Teckeltje Sam (free) by Stip & Haak

I used lovely DMC Natura 100% cotton for this toy, bought at Boekblad in Maarssen.

I need to find a better way to attach the head as it keeps being ripped off, haha. I made the toy especially to fit a larger rattle insert, only to find out…it didn’t fit. I ended up inserting 2 rattles, so it makes more noise.



Emergency Diaper Bag

I whipped this up right before our trip, but still need to take pictures!

Remember this squash? And Spike’s headless friend? Well, I finished him!


It was the second knitting project I ever started (ambitious eh), but I lost interest more than a few times during the project. It nearly took me 2 years to finish him. I worked on him on and off, while knitting/crocheting 35 other things in the mean time.

The Not So Itty Bitty Giraffe (pattern by Susan B. Anderson) is huge!

(I made a second bassinet sheet too, I like the tiny stars :))


The dumbest thing I did was never write down which size needles I had used, therefore the gauge of this project is all over the place. I used so many different needles, I think…The legs are more firm than the body etc. Bit silly of me! I have to remind myself to always enter the needle size on Ravelry! It’s so easy…

The thing I was most uncertain about was the face. I tried different faces (from creepy to sleepy), as I never liked the original sleepy face, but nothing worked out. I added a mouth, tried to make him smile as much as possible through his sleepy eyes and now I’m quite pleased with his look!


from creepy to sleepy

Nov 5, 2012 – Started the giraffe

Nov 13, 2012 – Finished the body, woah, definitely a lot more work than I thought!

Nov 16, 2012 – Finished the head within a few hours!

July 11, 2013 – Time to finish the giraffe! Working on the legs! Frogged the head.

April 27, 2014 – Reknitting the head

May 29th, 2014 – Attaching the head, ears, tail. Also trying different faces, not convinced by any of them.

Late August/September 2014 – Rethinking the face. Guess I’m going with the sleepy look after all!

September 4, 2014 – Finishing the last few spots, made pictures. These btw are my first pictures shot in RAW. We got a Photoshop and Lightroom membership too to really improve our pictures.





The Woolie Ewe, a Dallas yarn shop, went out of business last week, offering 40-70% on the last few days. I still had a generous gift card to spend, here is what I got!

All yarn was flying of the shelves! There were lots of grays and browns left over, but I didn’t know what to make with it. They had some really pretty other yarn, but 40% of $30 a skein is still a lot of money to me, especially if you need more skeins. I got the more affordable yarns for various toy-knitting / home decor projects / I don’t know what’s. I like my colors! :)

yarn1 yarn2 yarn3


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