I’m only about 2 years behind with blogging, so this is an attempt to make it up to you all.

Here are my knits of 2014 to 2016.

I’m currently still working on 16 other PHD’s (projects half done) ;) Starting something new is tempting, because I don’t have much time to do anything, but fantasize about making all sorts of things all the time.

Mr. Pudgenstein, finished February 2014

Still need to make his Mrs.!

pudg1 pudg2_medium2

Frog (Kikker) teething clip and book mark, made between January and Juny 2015

IMG_2106_medium2 kikker2_medium2

Hot Cross Bunny (February 2015 – May 2016)

My first Alan Dart project…unfortunately he only writes flat knitted patterns…sooo…..a lot of seaming had to be done, hence I started in February 2015 and found the courage to finish him May 2016. Please don’t say he looks like a mouse :P.

The safety eyes were an after thought -stitching the eyes didn’t work out – so at the very end of this project, I had to cut his head seaming open. I couldn’t find the mattress stitch seam in this Phildar douce mess, so I did cut a hole. Freaked me out for a minute, but a good thing about the douce is that it doesn’t unravel and I was able to seam it up again (see pic of back of his head after cutting the whole). In any other yarn case, I would never just cut a random hole!

The head kept being floppy, so I stuck a skewer up his a##, haha. It worked great.

I re-did the coloring of the hot cross bun 3 times, to make it look baked and real (the bottom is a lighter color). First I used a marker, didn’t look very subtle. Thankfully it was washable marker and I omitted the cardboard bottom (also in the feet). Second time I used eyeshadow. Looked great, but months later it was still coming off. Washed it again. I considered shoe polish but tested on a swatch and it was too dark. Third attempt, while looking for markers again I found them, was a fat crayon. Worked like a charm and doesn’t stain the chef’s coat. Mixed in a second color to make it more real. Finally a good result.

I think I might sell this bunny on Etsy. He’s not what I hoped he would be.

IMG_2047_medium2 IMG_2039_medium2

IMG_2034_medium2 IMG_2023_medium2

Yellow Chicken Tanoshi (June 2015)

These Tanoshi patterns are super cute, I want to make many many more. Too bad she charges $5 for each pattern, while they are almost alike.

tanoshi_chick3_medium2 tanoshi_chick2_medium2

Arm knit scarf #1 and #2 (September 2015)

I followed a free class at Michaels with friends on arm knitting. Super fun and fast. You can make these scarfs in 30mins. Still need to find a balance. The teal one is too bulky for my liking and the colorful one is cute, but not something I’d wear (too long or so?), so I’m going to rip it, because it was expensive t-shirt yarn.

IMG_0609_medium2 hicel_medium2

Hedgehog and Squirrel (November 2015 – March 2016)

These are topsy-turvy toys, meaning  the squirrels flips inside-out turning into a hedgehog and the other way around. I wanted them to be stand alone, so I knit both separately and closed their bottom. Great fall decor!

hs9_medium2 hs10_medium2 hs6_medium2 hs1_medium2
hs4_medium2 hs7_medium2

Santa (December 2015 – June 2016)

If I make a Santa that I like better, I may end up selling this one too…

IMG_2098_medium2 IMG_2094_medium2

Bunny Boo (March – May 2016)

Still want to make a family of these!

  IMG_2062_medium2 IMG_2057_medium2 IMG_2063_medium2

Arthur, the pencil (finished in 3 days in May 2016)

Styling done by my stylist :)

Styling for the photoshoot done by my stylist :)


Sneak peek

Something I’ve been working on…. using super bulky yarn…

It’s going to be something entirely different than a hat (guessing is encouraged), but we just decided to put it on our head.



5bb47ffb433618b5b6eccf14a1c0bd11I’m only 1 year and 4 months behind with blogging, but here’s something I finished 2 days ago. I made this for a friend, who saw the picture on the right on Pinterest and asked if someone could make it. I’ve never made a wreath before, but have been interested in it lately and thought I could help.

I needed much more material than I thought, I bought everything at Michaels, and the total material cost (after coupons of course) was about $35.


The wreath is really big, but that’s because I couldn’t find a smaller size wreath for the head. Michaels only sells wreaths in sizes 12″, 18″ and 24″.


The hardest part was making the ears. I made the ears by bending the 12″ wreath into an oval shape. Not as easy as I thought. I also cut the outer circle of the wreath, otherwise the ears would have been too wide. Because I bend the circles, it was harder to weave the burlap through. Attaching the ears was also a problem. They are quite heavy. I added rope to the head and both the ears to attach to a wreath hook, because otherwise the ears would hang forward. I couldn’t come up with any other ideas, nor could I find any info about this on the internet.

Another thing that was difficult was filling up the middle of the wreath. I couldn’t find any info on this on the Internet either. I decided to make slightly bigger loops in the middle, held together with thread.

It was fun making this wreath, but the details and securing those with needle and thread took a long time; I won’t be making another one. I don’t do hot glue, it’s a mess and just seeing the results of other people, makes me not want to use it.

I couldn’t find pink burlap on a roll, so made it myself by buying 1 yard of fabric, cutting strips and zigzagging them (serging would have been a better idea, but I didn’t have enough spools of salmon color serger thread and wasn’t planning to go to the store again).

I tried to imitate the Pinterest wreath as much as possible, but thought the eyes needed to be bigger. Bigger eyes is always more attractive. Also, I wasn’t a fan of the head bow, so made a bow tie instead, as suggest by the friend I was making this for.

Sadly because of this ear problem, the ears are really close to each other. I thought about attaching them to each other with more chenille stems/pipe cleaners, but I didn’t. I have no idea how the lady who made the wreath as featured on Pinterest has her ears attached to the head. If you can think of any solution, please let me know!


burlap_bunny_head_wreath5 burlap_bunny_head_wreath4




I would have loved to sew my girl her first Christmas dress, but I just don’t have the time…

I then found this summer dress at a resale shop on clearance for $1.75 (!) and liked the idea of pimping instead of starting from scratch. Ripped off the ‘worn’ ladybug (I never knew these were also called lady birds!) and the sunflowers…


Looked in my huge ribbon&trim stash, but of course I had nothing that would work…JoAnns was there to help. After finding a pretty combination of 2 trims (for $3.18), I asked the cutting lady how would I sew it onto the dress? “Probably by hand” she said. “That makes sense” I agreed.

Then I went home and turned on my sewing machine and stitched it on! Well…in an ideal world that would have happened the same day but in a baby-world I needed to change a diaper and nurse and change the diaper again :). I have no time for hand sewing. It might be good that I have hardly any time, because it makes for much faster decisions and sewing…and blogging!



The black sequin trim looks kind of harsh in the picture, but not in real life!


Tiny white tights – check!
Black or white cardigan or long sleeve – keeping my eyes open for one.
Cutesie shoes – not sure yet, may have to make them, because no way that I’ll find those for a she’ll-only-wear-those-once price!

sushi_shrimpProject: Shrimp Sushi Halloween costume
For: My one-month old to wear to a Halloween party
Pattern: I found the shrimp sushi outfit on Etsy and planned on copying it, but then found a tutorial on the Martha Stewart website.

Materials: A onesie and fleece remnants. Pattern asks for felt, but I like washable things, so I used fleece. The pattern uses Heat’nBond, but I sewed everything onto the onesie. I had all the materials in stock, so I didn’t even need to go to JoAnns, yay!

I used a 0-3months onesie, although she still wears newborn size. I took out 3 inches of width (yay for serging), but it’s still way too big. Look at the ridiculous difference in width between newborn size (green) and 0-3 months (white). These are even the same brand. Ugh, how is that every gonna fit a tall ‘skinny’ baby? I foresee a lot of sewing in my future.

Time: With a newborn time is a luxury. I started this costume yesterday (party was today) and she napped for 3 hours, so I was able to pretty much start and finish it. I wanted to add the sushi grass this morning, but she didn’t give me the chance (that’s ok :)).

Tradition: I hope to start a tradition and sew my baby a Halloween costume every year :).

shrimp-sushi-costume1 Shrimp sushi with wasabi and ginger



Well…., at least Julius is done in time for Xmas 2014 ;)

Free pattern here!


As one of Santa’s secret aides, he needs his glasses to read everyone’s wish list :)



Christmas home decor



I didn’t have any red invisible zippers, but I think the white turned out cute!



Above pillow was refashioned from this $2.92 shabby interesting sweater.


Christmas gifts

for myself :). Pattern here.


a tiny gnome for my grandma. I used the tiny Santa pattern for this with mods suggested by a fellow Ravelry user.
I added a mouth similar to tiny Santa’s mouth after taking the pictures.


Mr. Snowman was made in 2011, but it illustrates perfectly how tiny gnome is.


my own Santa corsage, carefully looked after by Spike


A lost pumpkin (forgot to take a picture of him during the appropriate season). Free pattern here. It comes with instructions for arms and legs, but I refrained from adding these, I like them on other people’s creations, but it just didn’t work for my Russet the Pumpkin.


Freestanding machine embroidered lace reindeer for my secret Santa. I got this pattern from Love this site. Lots of machine embroidery sites are somewhat dull/oldfashioned, but this one has fun designs. I got this pattern for $1.50 during the Thanksgiving sale.

The mini brads still needed to be added at this point.


Rinsing out the water-soluble stabilizer! The trick to making freestanding lace!


Several baprons for 3 precious newborns



After spending a lovely Holiday season at home, we arrived back in Dallas on Friday morning. Barely escaping the winter storm in Philly and leaving finally at 3am at night instead of 8.30pm.

On the way home to NL, we took so many gifts with us that I could have travelled with an empty suitcase on the way back to DFW …

But there are far better options, like loading it with your mom’s and grandma’s stash, some Christmas gifts and a beautiful 10lbs (4,5kg) cast iron wok.

TSA (homeland security) had to open my suitcase to believe it ! Hilarious! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノcrafter_suitcase

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