texasijsThis little guy fits right in with the current cold and icy Texas weather! First time in years (3?) I get to wear my monster snow boots!

The pattern is Penguin Pip from Christel Krukkert’s book Gehaakte Dierenvriendjes (a.k.a. the book I got from Mieke :)), also available as a single pattern on Ravelry. The book is now actually republished and split into 2 books. Good way to make more money, I guess :-s.

I plan to make another penguin with a blue hat! Someday…because Christmas is approaching way too fast.

I liked the pattern, but was a little frustrated that I couldn’t get the eyes to look the same as in the original pattern. If that happens I always blame it on the pattern :P, because usually I have no problem with making my version look the same as the pattern. Will need to try again.



Pip likes to play Sherlock when no one is looking :)



A bit of a (birthday) show off really, but that happens (online) when everybody lives so far away…

From hubby :) I told him to give me as little as possible, because I have more than enough!

The color tool will be great for garment sewing, quilting, knitting and home decor!
The pencils are Clover Water Soluble Pencils, so far the best ones I’ve come across.

Love the Spike with ice cream magnet (=^・ェ・^=) and Pummy with the yarn :).(from BoyGirlParty)


From bro and sis four 5″ charm packs (pack with 20-40 different pieces of fabric from a specific fabric line). I hinted them pretty well :) I will use them for patchwork pillows, like this tree pillow and this heart pillow.


A truly surprising package from sis-in-law and mother-in-law! Love it!! :) Not in the picture a book about crochet handbags :).

kado2 kado4 kado4b kado5

Always quick to get his paws on whatever :)


My first crochet creature is flying over the Ocean tomorrow!
My 18month old niece was staying with us for 10 days (with her parents of course) and played with him everyday. He was flying everywhere in his little plane, but tomorrow he’ll need his passport for the first time.

She named him Kwak Kwak (= Quack Quack) and loved him, so I thought it was a good time to part :). It was really beautiful to see how much she enjoyed him.

She also totally understood the concept of Mr. Spoon and Miss Dish and made everyone ‘eat’ from Mr. Spoon. So those two have found a new home as well :). I’m sure they’ll receive much more love in her care than in mine (and it leaves me some space to make some new lovelies).


For: 3-month old Akbar in Pakistan. His mommy made up my nickname and therefore .com :) The package safely made it to its destination.
Patterns: I combined the Monster Rattles pattern with features of Louie the Lovebot. Both patterns are by Rebecca Danger.
Materials: stash yarn and non-pill fleece from JoAnn’s.
A first…or two!: Making a crochet edge for the fleece blanket! Also making a custom label with the embroidery module!
Extra: a London bapron for Akbar!






Finished my 2nd hat this weekend; the Wheeler or Maisie hat. Not sure why this pattern has 2 names! Unfortunately it’s not long enough for my head. You can see that the hat is quite short. I do blame the pattern. I think I may frog the decrease rows and lengthen the middle section. I knit this head on 2 circular needles (picture here, it’s hard to see the see-through plastic needles) a method I quite like!



I finally decided on the nose color of my Spring bunny! I think it still needs a yellow flower in its hair…in time ;).



Yesterday evening I joined a crafty get-together. We learned the art of quilling. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually done this before, at the age of 10 or something. The get-together was really nice and a lot of fun :)


For: decoration, but Pumpkin seems to love it, so I’m fine with him playing with it.
Pattern: Candy Corn (free) by A Morning Cup of Jo. I still want to make a couple more color variations, especially the Frankenstein! So cute!

I didn’t know what candy corn were, till about a month ago, but, for everyone else who’s not familiar with it; it’s candy popular in the US and Canada primarily around Halloween.

I still had the yarn tail attached to the amigurimi, when I tested it on Pumpkin. I test most toys on Pumpkin, but after the standard smelling, he’s usually not very interested. But, not this time! He loves the candy corn, he thinks it’s his new mouse, he was playing (soccer) with it for 15minutes this afternoon :). So I’ll just make a few more for table decoration, I guess :) That’s if I make it in time before Halloween…

I regret using a thinner yellow yarn than the orange and white yarn, but I can’t buy every color in every thickness. I wonder why it’s so hard to find yarn for a size 4 crochet hook anyway?! The orange and white were both for a size 5 – 5.5 hook.

I only noticed the space between the stitches after putting the safety eyes* in, now this ami keeps reminding me of a piranha, haha :(.

*I’m not sure if they’re actually cat safe, but as always, I’ll keep my eyes on (naughty) Pumpkin!

I’m back from a little blogging hiatus :) I got quite a few projects to show in the coming weeks. Found my sewing mojo again :).

I’ve been working on a few birthday items, Christmas items and an Easter/Spring bunny. Can’t you tell, I’m confused about the seasons? ;)

In the mean time I’m taking baby steps at learning how to knit :) Exciting!!

I’ve been working on this little crochet bunny since mid June. I only worked on it for 20-30min at a time to spare my hands a bit. My stitches are actually way too tight, which really hurts my fingers, but I didn’t want to loosen them up halfway through, as that would be so obvious. The bunny has been almost done for weeks, I just can’t decide on the color of the nose!

I actually made a nose already, but the color and size just looked awful, so I ripped it out. I’m leaning towards the light pink (matching the ears), but because the bunny’s feet are pink as well, that’s on the verge of being too sweet, so I’m still contemplating…Give me a few more days :).

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