I would have liked adding a summary of the things I’ve made in 2014, but that doesn’t make much sense if that means an exact copy paste of my last 10 blog posts :P. I guess adding a baby and renovating a nest to that list, does make it my most productive year ever ;).

Instead of focusing on my lack of sewn items, I’ve made a summary of (more or less) everything I’ve made since 2011. Motivating myself to keep creating, as little as it might be and as slow as it might go. Hoping to one day put my sewing machine, serger, embroidery machine and all those Craftsy classes I signed up for, to good use.

Check my full list of finished projects here.


With baby girl in my life, it’s a wonder if I have time to make something, so when I do, I don’t necessarily have time to make pictures of blog about it. Here’s a overview of things I’ve made the last couple of months.

Bumble Bee

I finished this bee 2 hours before my water broke! Great timing :).
I added a squeaker insert from this shop to the body.

The pattern is from, but it contains many mistakes.


Pleather Mary Jane’s

Too bad I only realized after making these that fake leather = pleather = PVC leather or else I would have never made these. Ugh, I thought PVC wasn’t used in consumer products anymore… :-/.

Pattern drafted with help of this tutorial. Getting both to look the same was the hardest part. Also at first they reminded me of unflattering wooden shoes. They never stayed on very well, they kept slipping off, even though I think they were fitted pretty well, so she never wore them that much.


XXL Changing Mat

Public changing tables are gross. With an transatlantic flight scheduled, I knew I had to make a real big mat so my baby wouldn’t be able to touch anything. The mat is 25×30″ (64x76cm). The back is PUL (polyurethane laminate), so waterproof. Pretty nice, if she decides to soil the mat, which happened more than a few times already.

Let’s not look too long at the crooked front. Not sure how it happened…again.

Tutorial by HowJoyful, although I made the mat bigger.

changingmat copy

Fleece winterhat

A Texas baby visiting the Netherlands needs a warm hat!

Pattern from



Crib sheets


IMG_9978 cribsheet_lizzy_house

Left: 2 yards of Annette Tatum – Suzani Flower, bought from Studio25Fabrics.

Right: 2 yards of  Lizzy House – Catnap

Heart amigurumi

Free pattern here. heart

Frog teether clip

Pattern: Frog pacifier clip by Susan B. Anderson

Gift for Vera’s newborn who gifted us beautifully knit booties!


Dachshund Sam

Pattern: Teckeltje Sam (free) by Stip & Haak

I used lovely DMC Natura 100% cotton for this toy, bought at Boekblad in Maarssen.

I need to find a better way to attach the head as it keeps being ripped off, haha. I made the toy especially to fit a larger rattle insert, only to find out…it didn’t fit. I ended up inserting 2 rattles, so it makes more noise.



Emergency Diaper Bag

I whipped this up right before our trip, but still need to take pictures!

Some things I’ve made lately!

Mochi rattle


smc-select-solavitaThe Ravelry pattern is called Bunny ?, however this doesn’t really remind me of a bunny, just a cute Japanese character.

I added a small rattle insert to the head, bought from the While She Naps Etsy shop.

The yarn is the gorgeous SMC Select Solavita in Lagoon, bought last year at Hill Country Weavers in Austin.

Spikey has been so affectionate lately that I let him test (read: look at) the rattle for a while.


Baby hats

Made a bunch of baby hats and no-scratch mittens. Wasn’t sure about the sizing so I made 2 different sizes. The baby hat tutorial is from Makeit-Loveit. I can’t find the mittens pattern anymore, but the instructions were very incomplete anyway, so I winged it as best as possible. I used extra soft baby elastic.
The hats are made entirely on the serger, the mittens are a mix between sewing machine and serger.



Heart garland



I made this heart garland about 6 weeks ago for my baby’s Panda Warmer. What is a Panda Warmer, you’ll say…well this! A hospital bassinet :). The tutorial for the heart garland (great craft for kids because you can use staples instead of a sewing machine) is by Betz White and can be found here.


Bath apron

I saw this little idea on the web, to make a terry cloth apron for baby out of a store-bought towel. Seems like a good way to dry a slippery baby :). I didn’t use a tutorial, just used my own kitchen apron as a pattern. Excuse my lazy preggers outfit :)


Monster quilt McCalls M6411

I started this monster play quilt 10 weeks ago. Don’t think I’ll be able to finish it before baby comes. I put it away while cleaning the house. Choosing the colors is the hardest part :).

I’m adding crinkly plastic and using mostly minky fleece.

These guys still need mouths:



Cut plenty of baprons in March and finished the ones for Kimia and these too for myself, but never got to posting them. I still have quite a few cut, waiting to be finished. These are about 80% of the original pattern so a 2-3months old baby should be able to wear them (while drinking from a bottle or something).



Pattern: Inktvisje voor couveusekindjes. Click here for the pattern in English. Even though the pattern says squid, I think officially this is an octopus, but who cares :).

This pattern is from a big Dutch/Swedish/Danish preemie charity project.

The tentacles are great for premature born babies/hospitalized newborns as they remind them of the umbilical cord and prevent them from pulling out their tubes/IV.

Yarn: Non-pilling 100% cotton yarn is required (not the cheap kind), as short fibre yarn can be inhaled by preemies and their lungs are still vulnerable. Despite my ginormous yarn stash, the only thing I didn’t have was 100% cotton, of course!

I didn’t want to get my yarn at Michaels (that would qualify as cheap I think) and since the yarn store in Plano closed and the drive to Dallas would have been too far, I ordered my yarn from an Etsy shop in Scotland. Scotland, TX that is! Ha :).

I got Rowan Handknit Cotton in Mango Fool (‘dark yellow’) and DK Cotton in Gerba (‘purple’).

Time spent: Started on September 2nd, finished on September 3rd. Yay! I  cant imagine making more than one though, I didn’t enjoy making the tentacles at all…

The Woolie Ewe, a Dallas yarn shop, went out of business last week, offering 40-70% on the last few days. I still had a generous gift card to spend, here is what I got!

All yarn was flying of the shelves! There were lots of grays and browns left over, but I didn’t know what to make with it. They had some really pretty other yarn, but 40% of $30 a skein is still a lot of money to me, especially if you need more skeins. I got the more affordable yarns for various toy-knitting / home decor projects / I don’t know what’s. I like my colors! :)

yarn1 yarn2 yarn3


Pattern: I used the Walt&Jesse pattern to make this mini version of my dad. I nicknamed this little guy Gerritje.
For: my dad’s 60th birthday!



My original Walt has a larger head. After giving Walt a mustache I thought ‘Walt’ resembled my dad more than the TV character. I thought making a mini version for my dad would make a fun 60th birthday present. I crocheted the head 2 times, but couldn’t get it the same size and shape as the original Walt one.

I used 2 colors of gray to closely match his hair color. To represent his hairline I glued a fuzzy strand of thread to this scalp.

I’ll add glasses and a mouth during my next trip home.

gerritje3 gerritje4b

Wish I had a larger picture of this scene:




These took forever! It’s actually a birthday gift for M, so I’m only 2 months late…. :-/

I hope some of you immediately recognize the characters as Walt and Jesse from Breaking Bad (Maarten’s favorite TV series), but for others, here’s a small introduction:

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series about Walter White (actor Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the beginning of the series. He turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine, in order to secure his family’s financial future before he dies, teaming with his former student, Jesse Pinkman (actor Aaron Paul).

buurman-en-buurmanPart of why it took me so long to finish these 2 is because, in the process of making them, they kept reminding me of ’Buurman & Buurman’ (Dutch tv series, see picture) and that really wasn’t motivating me at all.

Another thing that was bothering me was the skin color. I bought a lot of difference colors of light pink, but nothing seemed the right color. I couldn’t find the Light Country Peach by Caron Simply Soft, as suggested by Allison Hoffman (the pattern designer). I ended up buying some LCP online for future projects, but it was too late for this project. I switched out Jesse’s head (picture 1, picture 2) when it reminded me too much of pig skin, haha and his head seemed too small also. I do think Walt and Jesse are slightly too pale now, but oh well.. Walt is sick and Jesse is a nerd, so I guess it works.


I’m still considering giving Jesse brows and re-doing Walt’s glasses, but I’m also quite glad I finally finished them. I just discovered I forgot to embroider Jesse’s zipper. Will have to do that.

Walt in his legendary underwear scene!


After about 1 month hiatus I finally picked up where I had left and gave Jesse some side burns, which made all the difference in his looks! I wish there were closer pictures of Jesse’s hair line, so I made a 360° shot myself for other people crocheting those. His beanie is quite tight, I need to squeeze his head out of shape to be able to fit it.




I used a 4.00mm hook for everything except the hazmat suits. I used a 3.5mm hook for those, like suggested by the pattern, but the hoodie of Jesse’s jumpsuit is made with a 4.00mm hook, as otherwise it wouldn’t fit over his head+hair+beanie. Unfortunately I can’t close the hazmat suits completely, sucks, but I already added a wider snap panel and it still doesn’t work.

The pattern is good, but I think it could be better by having more detailed pictures. The details truly make or break this project.

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