My new hobby is buying books for $6!

I love spending time in Half Price Books and online looking through Amazon booksellers trying to find a good deal.


I paid $6.97 (incl $3.99 shipping) for the Spud&Chloe, but paid $5.99 (excl. tax) for Sew Pretty Homestyle and The Perfect Pajama. I don’t just buy any book, I don’t want to hoard anymore (like I did with fabric :$). I have a specific watch-list and I only want to buy books that I’ll use :).It applies to clothing etc as well. Otherwise I might as well save the $ and spend it on a better item, even if it’s more expensive. It’s better to have a few things that you really like, than a whole bunch of things that were cheap and ‘okay’. I’m just trying to be wise with money, even if it’s only $6 :).

Sew Pretty Homestyle is a Tilda book. I’ve always liked the style of Tone Finnanger, but I know that most books of hers I just wouldn’t use.

I’m trying to make pajama bottoms, and the Pajama book offers a lot ideas for cute details.

And last but not least, Spud&Chloe was on my wishlist for a little while! Too cute to resist!

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