DSCF0730_medium2This is a gift for my friend who moved to California last week :(
She loves handmade items and had a baby girl about 7 weeks ago. The baby’s name means princess in Turkish, so I thought a princess blanket would be fitting :).

The pattern is Princess Scarlett by Cilla Webb


I had some trouble with this project and in the end it became very frustrating. Because this item is for a newborn, I wanted to use good quality 100% cotton (because of the problems longhaired polyester and wool fibers can cause), but had a hard time locating the right color in the yarn store fairly close (err..I mean 11mile/18km) from my house. I didn’t have time for any online orders. Or maybe I didn’t feel like it.

Because of the serious lack of choice in cotton yarn, I ended up using different weights of yarn and this caused some gauge problems. I really don’t like knitting with cotton, also. It makes for very uneven stitches, I think (see area around left eye) and the yarn kept splitting. I tried knitting the lace blanket, but messed it up, tried ripping 3 rows, but lost my stitch count and gave up.

I decided on just using minky fabric for the blanket and hand knot it, as the cotton backing fabric was sagging. This solution helped somewhat, but I’m not sure how practical it is for a baby :-/


My little stylist working hard during the photoshoot ;).




Pattern: Koala mama and baby by Susan B. Anderson

I started this project early 2014 and could have been done with this 2 years earlier, if I hadn’t forgotten which little bit of white I used for the inner ears. I made it my mission to find the right color of white in my messy stash, but just couldn’t figure out which skein it had been. In the end, I decided to change the inner ears to pink and finished it that same day (like eh…3 days ago or something).

I wasn’t a fan of sewing the minky blanket to something else. It kept shifting, even while using a walking foot. Had to re-sew it a couple of times to get it to lay tight, so it wouldn’t sag as Princess Begum’s blanket (to be posted later) did. All the reverse sewing (as in; ripping :() had wrinkled the cotton backing, so I ironed the blanket -minky side down and on cold temperature- but I think I ironed out some of the minky dots?!?

My 15mo old daughter loves this blanket, merely for the fact that the koala has such a prominent nose, haha :). She is really into noses now.




M5721I reckon this shopping cart/high chair cover makes me look like a germaphobe, but with the extremely contagious Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease going around and considering the sticky/gross/rusty state of most shopping carts and high chairs, I thought it would be a good idea to make one. Funny how common these covers are in the US and I’ve never ever seen one in Europe!

Pattern is McCalls M5721. It requires a LOT of fabric (4+ yards), batting, straps and a buckle. I used fabric from stash (yay stash busting) and I think it turned out really cute! It came together very quickly. I omitted the extra bags though. I did add a strap of webbing to attach any toy (clips) to.

Now I only wish I didn’t accidentally shoot these cute pictures in low res :(. Btw, no better background than JoAnn’s of course! :)

Little gift for (now) 1 year old Amelia!

This project was the perfect example why I don’t sew gifts anymore. I love making dolls&toys, but don’t love myself so much in the process. Especially when you get the idea at 6 a.m. to make something for a 3 p.m. birthday party, while also attending a 9.30 a.m.-1 p.m. meeting. I made it to the party at 4 p.m…. Should have used my serger instead of french seaming the dress. I love the giant ricrac hair!

Planning to make Little Miss a Tag Along Doll for her 1st birthday. I think I’d make the eyes a little -but not much- bigger. And I’d take a little more time to finish it :).


A little Father’s Day gift for my two loves: Daddy & Me pajama pants.
Somehow Daddy & Me items in stores are always about father & son, and Mommy & Me about mother & daughter, but of course father & daughter can wear matching outfits too :).

Pattern: Copied from these Coffee&Donuts PJs, a very heavily modified McCall’s 4244. For Little Miss’ version I copied one pair of her cotton pants, and made them wider and extra long, so hopefully she won’t outgrow them too quickly.

Fabric: 3 yards of Robert Kaufman Cozy Cotton Flannel Geo Marine ($6.78/yard). I got this in August last year, as I planned to make the hubby another pair of PJs. The Daddy & Me idea came up when I had enough fabric left over.

It’s hard to find a cute (flannel) PJ print for guys. I really really dislike plaid and didn’t want to go with a solid color. Glad I found this one.

Time Management: I finished them, with exception of the Daddy waistband, in time for the celebration. However, I need to re-hem the Daddy version, they’re just a bit too long.

Aren’t they super cute together? :)




stroller0During our community yard sale I saw this old stroller with dirty fabric. Not so cute looking and although Little Miss is still way too young for a doll stroller, I thought it could be a nice little project to replace the fabric with something cuter. One wheel axel is bent a little, but otherwise it’s in good shape. It even folds in like a real stroller! How funny :).

When I heard they only asked $1 for it, well…it didn’t need to think much longer!

I started off with a cute fabric, but it just wasn’t working for me:


This is what I came up with! I’m entering it in the Bari J 10 year / 10 collections contest to win her new fabric line and lots of other really beautiful goodies. I love her fabric designs and just bought the Bijoux quilt kit to make some day (hopefully very soon) for the guest room.


I thought it would be cute to make some pics with Little Miss pretending she was using it. She loves to stand up (even though she can’t really yet, she’s only (already!) 8 months) and she got so excited when she saw giraffe in the stroller! She’s so sweet, she totally rocks my world :) <3.

stroller   stroller2 stroller3

51GnRuj1DGL._SX300_ I got this Tot Tutors book rack for the playroom last week. Seems like an easy way for Miss A. to take her own books out, when she feels like reading. It’s not as big as it looks, only 28×28″ (71x71cm). The colors are cute, but I knew they weren’t really going to match my ideas for the playroom, so I decided to make new ‘shelves’.

An fairly easy project, just 5 pieces of fabric, but my major problems is always that I can’t sew a straight line. They always end up wobbly or slanted. Ugh. Any tips? The problem starts with not being able to cut straight with the ruler and rotary cutter. I follow seam guide lines, but my sewing is never as straight as I’d like. Even when drawing erasable lines….Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

– 1 yard of Bohemian Charms in Cream – Bijoux by Bari J
– the yellow is a vintage fabric I got at a recent ASG estate sale.
– white flannel (lining)





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