Princess blanket

DSCF0730_medium2This is a gift for my friend who moved to California last week :(
She loves handmade items and had a baby girl about 7 weeks ago. The baby’s name means princess in Turkish, so I thought a princess blanket would be fitting :).

The pattern is Princess Scarlett by Cilla Webb


I had some trouble with this project and in the end it became very frustrating. Because this item is for a newborn, I wanted to use good quality 100% cotton (because of the problems longhaired polyester and wool fibers can cause), but had a hard time locating the right color in the yarn store fairly close (err..I mean 11mile/18km) from my house. I didn’t have time for any online orders. Or maybe I didn’t feel like it.

Because of the serious lack of choice in cotton yarn, I ended up using different weights of yarn and this caused some gauge problems. I really don’t like knitting with cotton, also. It makes for very uneven stitches, I think (see area around left eye) and the yarn kept splitting. I tried knitting the lace blanket, but messed it up, tried ripping 3 rows, but lost my stitch count and gave up.

I decided on just using minky fabric for the blanket and hand knot it, as the cotton backing fabric was sagging. This solution helped somewhat, but I’m not sure how practical it is for a baby :-/


My little stylist working hard during the photoshoot ;).




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