Koala blanket

Pattern: Koala mama and baby by Susan B. Anderson

I started this project early 2014 and could have been done with this 2 years earlier, if I hadn’t forgotten which little bit of white I used for the inner ears. I made it my mission to find the right color of white in my messy stash, but just couldn’t figure out which skein it had been. In the end, I decided to change the inner ears to pink and finished it that same day (like eh…3 days ago or something).

I wasn’t a fan of sewing the minky blanket to something else. It kept shifting, even while using a walking foot. Had to re-sew it a couple of times to get it to lay tight, so it wouldn’t sag as Princess Begum’s blanket (to be posted later) did. All the reverse sewing (as in; ripping :() had wrinkled the cotton backing, so I ironed the blanket -minky side down and on cold temperature- but I think I ironed out some of the minky dots?!?

My 15mo old daughter loves this blanket, merely for the fact that the koala has such a prominent nose, haha :). She is really into noses now.




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  1. Machteld says: January 19, 20164:10 pm

    Very cute Nienke!:) I think I like the pink ears over the white, so good choice to re-sew it !

    • nienke says: January 19, 20169:38 pm

      bedankt voor je reactie! :) Ja ik vind het roze ook leuker :)

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