Shopping Cart Cover

M5721I reckon this shopping cart/high chair cover makes me look like a germaphobe, but with the extremely contagious Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease going around and considering the sticky/gross/rusty state of most shopping carts and high chairs, I thought it would be a good idea to make one. Funny how common these covers are in the US and I’ve never ever seen one in Europe!

Pattern is McCalls M5721. It requires a LOT of fabric (4+ yards), batting, straps and a buckle. I used fabric from stash (yay stash busting) and I think it turned out really cute! It came together very quickly. I omitted the extra bags though. I did add a strap of webbing to attach any toy (clips) to.

Now I only wish I didn’t accidentally shoot these cute pictures in low res :(. Btw, no better background than JoAnn’s of course! :)

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