Daddy & Me pajama pants

A little Father’s Day gift for my two loves: Daddy & Me pajama pants.
Somehow Daddy & Me items in stores are always about father & son, and Mommy & Me about mother & daughter, but of course father & daughter can wear matching outfits too :).

Pattern: Copied from these Coffee&Donuts PJs, a very heavily modified McCall’s 4244. For Little Miss’ version I copied one pair of her cotton pants, and made them wider and extra long, so hopefully she won’t outgrow them too quickly.

Fabric: 3 yards of Robert Kaufman Cozy Cotton Flannel Geo Marine ($6.78/yard). I got this in August last year, as I planned to make the hubby another pair of PJs. The Daddy & Me idea came up when I had enough fabric left over.

It’s hard to find a cute (flannel) PJ print for guys. I really really dislike plaid and didn’t want to go with a solid color. Glad I found this one.

Time Management: I finished them, with exception of the Daddy waistband, in time for the celebration. However, I need to re-hem the Daddy version, they’re just a bit too long.

Aren’t they super cute together? :)




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  1. Tessa says: June 23, 20153:09 am

    Ahh, that is too cute! =)

  2. Tessa says: June 23, 20153:23 am

    How silly that there are only dad & son or mum & daughter combinations available! I’m so glad you let your girl wear ‘boy’ colours :).

    • nienke says: June 23, 20156:31 am

      I don’t even think of these as boy colors :), but I’d like her to wear a wide array of colors. I’m no Victoria Beckham though, I love her style, but I just don’t like dark colors anymore. Unfortunately these ‘boy’ colors are the reason why 80% of people think she is a boy :-/. I don’t really care about the gender confusion, babies have a generic face anyway (actually almost the entire world does without hair and make-up), but it’s getting to the annoying point. “Hello Big Boy!!!” “What a beautiful boy!!!” Aargh.

  3. Femke says: June 23, 20154:52 am

    Super leuk!!

  4. Monique says: June 23, 20155:57 am

    Wat schattig!

  5. Ginger says: July 3, 20159:33 am

    These are the cutest things ever!!!

    • nienke says: July 3, 20159:33 pm

      thank you! :)

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