Small Human Being sew-along

SHBsewalongbadge1When I read about the Small Human Being (SHB) sew-along on Polkadotoverload, a blog I’ve been somewhat silently reading the past few years, I immediately knew I wanted to take part in this sew-along in the month of April. The sew-along is also organized by Cation Designs and Clio & Phineas. Sewing together and having a deadline makes it easier for me to finish things.

Or that’s what I thought…because in reality April went by so quickly, in my head I’m still making more plans for the sew-along :). Teething and an arthritis flare-up were what April was about…together with lots of fun: jumping in the exersaucer, reading at home, singing in the library, making all sort of baby food and in all honesty, also enough challenges.

April wasn’t so much about sewing. After cooking meals, laundry and dishes, there isn’t enough energy in the day to make me sew. Somehow it was easier for me to sew when my daughter was 2 months old (still have to blog quite a couple of projects), than now that she’s 7 months old…. I also haven’t read that many blogs lately, I mostly just look at the pictures. I’m really trying to sew a little every day, even if it’s just 15 min. Something I read about on VintageModernQuilts and I quit like that idea!

kansiBack to the SHB sew-along: I got really excited about this sew-along when I saw the prizes. A subscription to Ottobre magazine (a Finnish children’s pattern magazine) is just such a cool price! The Scandinavian style and versatile patterns are a welcome change from the other US children’s patterns that seem to be the standard for handmade and I see all around the web and in little boutiques. I just can’t bring myself to dress my daughter in ruffle pants and these kind of outfits: see here, here and here.

Alright here’s my first make for the SHB! At the top of the baby sewing list were bibs. We were in dire need of them for a couple of weeks, when I finally sat down on a Friday evening 3 weeks ago to make a few.

I think I could still use a few more. The pattern is copied from a bib I got from a friend and my baby well. I’ve sewn a lot of baprons in the past and have several cut, ready to be sewn, but my dislike for bias tape is growing every single sewing project….


5 bib fronts


and 5 bib backs (so reversible if I like)

Here are the bibs in action, we tried many new foods this month, including:


avocado: deemed OK, right between carrots (like) and peas (dislike)


and pear: though she seemed very offended by the taste & texture, she really enjoys eating it now, as do mommy&daddy :), taste just like Festini pear ice, but better.


Gotta wear the right bib with the matching food :).

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  1. Ginger says: May 9, 20153:25 pm

    Her expressions are priceless! These look so handy and cute!

    • nienke says: May 12, 20154:13 pm

      thank for commenting! she makes quite the faces! :)

  2. IngeMaakt says: May 23, 20151:09 pm

    Wat een fantastische foto’s!!

    • nienke says: May 26, 20158:45 am

      dankje! ze is echt een kleine komiek :)

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