The Great British Sewing Bee s3

p02jb97wThe Great British Sewing Bee is back! Oh, how I love this show! :)

Apparently though I seem to have missed the second season…that’s a bummer, as I can’t find it anywhere online…

(update: you can watch season 2 here!)

With a proxy you can watch the third season on the BBC website or else, here on Youtube (the top banner is annoying, but if you watch full screen it’s fine). Happy watching!

I know there is currently a Dutch version of this show on RTL4 (Door het Oog van de Naald), it’s OK (in case my proxy works), but not quite as enjoyable. Also, I’m no saint myself, but there is so much vulgar language in it, it’s quite disturbing. The Great British Sewing Bee: it’s that BBC quality that no other channel can quite deliver!


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  1. Tessa says: February 26, 20154:30 am

    I’ve heard the Dutch version is really bad (mainly due to the contestants’ sewing level). But well, what can you expect on RTL4? I have never watched either show, but I will be watching the BBC one this week as apparently they’re making kilts! =)

    • nienke says: February 27, 201511:10 am

      I just saw the kilts episode! :) I don’t think the RTL4 sewing level is that bad (not great though), considering they only have a limited amount of time and they probably make very long film days. I need proper and very long breaks between my sewing. I guess a TV show attracts a certain type of person and not necessarily the most talented sewists. Also people that have the ideas don’t always have the precision and the other way around. It definitely seems RTL4 has casted a certain type of contestant. The BBC contestants are all very likeable, and so are the judges, but the RTL4 contestants & judges not so much. Another difference is BBC tries to educate, both the contestant and the viewer, RTL does that to a far lesser extent, it’s mainly about critiquing, somewhat in the style of Idols and similar shows. The biggest different is that the RTL4 judges (Mike, ugh) critique creations on whether they are fashionable or not (Patrick & May never do that), while most home sewists start sewing for the reason they want to make something different than what is considered fashion! Defies the point.

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