Little squid


Pattern: Inktvisje voor couveusekindjes. Click here for the pattern in English. Even though the pattern says squid, I think officially this is an octopus, but who cares :).

This pattern is from a big Dutch/Swedish/Danish preemie charity project.

The tentacles are great for premature born babies/hospitalized newborns as they remind them of the umbilical cord and prevent them from pulling out their tubes/IV.

Yarn: Non-pilling 100% cotton yarn is required (not the cheap kind), as short fibre yarn can be inhaled by preemies and their lungs are still vulnerable. Despite my ginormous yarn stash, the only thing I didn’t have was 100% cotton, of course!

I didn’t want to get my yarn at Michaels (that would qualify as cheap I think) and since the yarn store in Plano closed and the drive to Dallas would have been too far, I ordered my yarn from an Etsy shop in Scotland. Scotland, TX that is! Ha :).

I got Rowan Handknit Cotton in Mango Fool (‘dark yellow’) and DK Cotton in Gerba (‘purple’).

Time spent: Started on September 2nd, finished on September 3rd. Yay! I  cant imagine making more than one though, I didn’t enjoy making the tentacles at all…

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  1. Ginger says: September 5, 201412:40 pm

    So cute!!!!! To be honest, I don’t have the slightest idea what the difference is between an octopus and a squid! :o

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