belly30wsmallGuess I really can’t deny this belly anymore ;)

The nesting sewing bug has finally hit me!

Baby, you need to wait a few more weeks to make your entry, I still want to make 25 items, haha.

But I will have time to sew while baby naps, right? Right, right? (Don’t say no, please! So many ideas, so little time).

Here are some things I’ve made the past few weeks:


Changing Pad cover, pattern from Craftsy class, but same as shown here. Didn’t use my serger this time. Owl was made 3 years ago, my first sewn toy :).


Changing pad cover number 2. No owls were harmed in the making of this picture!

I may end up making a 3rd, but will then use this tutorial to make the shape a little bit more defined/precise.


Two nursing covers with boning (Dutch: baleinen), making it stand open and allowing baby to breath and the mother to peek in, while others can’t. These are sold for A LOT of money online ($50+ a piece), but are extremely easy&fast to make and the cost for these two was about $20 total. Fabric is home decor weight (left: Joel Dewberry, right: JoAnn’s).
Tutorial by Sew Much Ado.


Sew Much Ado’s infant peasant dress (0-3months).


Serged all the raw edges of these dresses, making them come together pretty quick! :) Btw I like funky serger thread combinations, white is just too boring :).

Now I’m left wondering how big (or small?) these dresses really will be on baby.

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Ginger says: August 11, 20149:16 am

    You look so cute!!! Your baby sewing is all so cute… how fun to sew for a little girl!

    • nienke says: August 28, 20149:55 pm

      thanks! :) #lateresponse

  2. IngeMaakt says: August 13, 20147:33 am

    oh, die jurkjes! wat zoet :) en wat handig die baleinen in de doeken, wat zal dat ook fijn zijn voor je baby die ademruimte!

  3. Claire says: August 16, 20148:17 am

    Hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog. Neglected as it is. How did you get on with your bassinet casing? Claire

    • nienke says: August 29, 20142:18 pm

      hi Claire, thanks for stopping by! Well, I managed to make the casing, but I think pre-elastic it looks terrible. Is this how you’ve done it as well? Surely there must be a better way for this?!

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