Babylock Eclipse DX

Oops….it’s been a while since my last blog!
Been busy with lots of other things; maintaining and handing over the local sewing website, lots of house hunting and feeling queasy (doing better now :D).

But I have some really exciting things to show you soon, starting with my new ‘toy’.


Pretty duo, don’t you think? ^v^

I had been wanting a serger (= lock machine) for a long time now, but could never justify the purchase, until now! :D. I know I’ll use it loads and loads in the (near) future! I’m so excited!

Despite doubting for a long time, I knew two things; I wanted to buy my machine at a dealer, instead of online (not willing to drive 2hrs to the nearest repair point for internet purchases) and I wanted something worth its money. I hate spending $, $$ or $$$ on something that in the end will only break and disappoint. I’m spoiled with my Bernina 430e and don’t want to buy anything that will only frustrate me.

I was really set on buying the Babylock Lauren, after seeing it 8months ago for a certain price. However, when I got to the store, it was almost twice as expensive as before and I didn’t think the limited features of that model were worth it…

Many people advised me to get the Babylock Imagine, a dream machine, but FAR above my budget. Online I read about a lot of people who got a great deal on it, but my dealer (Babylock is dealer exclusive) wouldn’t budge….I went 3 times to the dealer. In the mean time I had my eyes on the Eclipse DX (model nr: BLE1DX-2). It’s still expensive, but there was a special National Serger Month deal for it. The Eclipse has similar features as the Imagine (jet-air threading amongst others), but no automatic tensions. Automatic tensions sound great, but what if you want to manually adjust something?

So in the end I test drove the Eclipse extensively, took a large variety of (minky) fleece, knits, lace, heavy weight fabric to the store and I didn’t need to change the settings at all! In my eyes that didn’t justify buying the almost twice as expensive Imagine. After approval from the hubby (I hadn’t quite saved up enough myself), I took it home and I really really like it! Should have bought it 1 year ago. This makes sewing so much faster and more fun. The only thing that is a bit of a joke, is the free cover that comes with the Eclipse. Way to go for making it big enough, not….You thought I was gonna un-thread my machine every night? ;)

babylock-eclipse-testdrive Some of the samples I tested in the store. I played around with the settings a bit, so not all of them are perfect for that reason.


Prior to getting the serger, I had been working on this baby skirt for my 2 month old niece for a couple of days. Frustrating those tiny seams! I used the serger and ta-daaa so much faster!

There is even a special foot to serge and put the elastic in right away, I tried to negotiate it into the purchase deal, but again the dealer wouldn’t budge, aargh haha.

titleCardEven though the dealer offers free lifetime classes with the purchase of the machine, I started the Craftsy Beginner Serging classes. I’ll probably  sign up for the Craftsy Creative Serging: Beyond the Basics Class as well.

Can’t wait to start making:


Serger crochet edges! Cute on baby socks!


Lettuce edge garments. Versatile for any age!

Let’s not forget demonstrating the Jet-Air threading! It’s awesome :).
(start the video at 50 seconds)

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  1. IngeMaakt says: April 26, 20145:09 pm

    Gelukt dus :) mooie machine! Heel veel plezier ermee!

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