Pattern: I used the Walt&Jesse pattern to make this mini version of my dad. I nicknamed this little guy Gerritje.
For: my dad’s 60th birthday!



My original Walt has a larger head. After giving Walt a mustache I thought ‘Walt’ resembled my dad more than the TV character. I thought making a mini version for my dad would make a fun 60th birthday present. I crocheted the head 2 times, but couldn’t get it the same size and shape as the original Walt one.

I used 2 colors of gray to closely match his hair color. To represent his hairline I glued a fuzzy strand of thread to this scalp.

I’ll add glasses and a mouth during my next trip home.

gerritje3 gerritje4b

Wish I had a larger picture of this scene:


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  1. Tessa says: January 4, 20144:37 am

    Haha, brilliant, it looks so much like him!
    Did he like the present? Though I guess so from the picture :).

  2. annelies says: January 4, 20147:28 am

    wat een geestige fotoserie van de diverse Gerritten!

  3. IngeMaakt says: January 10, 20148:53 am

    Wat grappig! Dat haar vind ik helemaal super.

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