Christmas decoration and gifts

Christmas home decor



I didn’t have any red invisible zippers, but I think the white turned out cute!



Above pillow was refashioned from this $2.92 shabby interesting sweater.


Christmas gifts

for myself :). Pattern here.


a tiny gnome for my grandma. I used the tiny Santa pattern for this with mods suggested by a fellow Ravelry user.
I added a mouth similar to tiny Santa’s mouth after taking the pictures.


Mr. Snowman was made in 2011, but it illustrates perfectly how tiny gnome is.


my own Santa corsage, carefully looked after by Spike


A lost pumpkin (forgot to take a picture of him during the appropriate season). Free pattern here. It comes with instructions for arms and legs, but I refrained from adding these, I like them on other people’s creations, but it just didn’t work for my Russet the Pumpkin.


Freestanding machine embroidered lace reindeer for my secret Santa. I got this pattern from Love this site. Lots of machine embroidery sites are somewhat dull/oldfashioned, but this one has fun designs. I got this pattern for $1.50 during the Thanksgiving sale.

The mini brads still needed to be added at this point.


Rinsing out the water-soluble stabilizer! The trick to making freestanding lace!


Several baprons for 3 precious newborns



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  1. Tessa says: January 21, 20144:32 pm

    Such a shame, that sweater was so wearable! ;)
    No, nice decorations :). And I love the owls bapron (obviously). Why did you rinse the stabilizer out of that lace reindeer?

    • nienke says: January 21, 20144:37 pm

      dankje! :) de stabilizer heb ik eruit gespoeld, zodat het kant wordt, anders zou het gewoon embroidery op een stukje stof zijn en dus niet ‘freestanding’. Door de stabilizer is het te stikken (je kunt immers niet in het luchtledige naaien) en daarna spoel je dat weg, zodat alleen de embroidery overblijft :).

  2. Deborah says: November 11, 20148:52 am

    Your boys, Pumpkin & Spice are too cute! Found your blog from a posting on Pinterest, where someone posted photos of your wonderful cat house. However, I really like your baby bibs: they are different and very practical. Have you ever considered selling baby bibs on Etsy? Your baby bibs are unique enough that you may find a market for them there. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

    • nienke says: November 15, 201411:38 pm

      thank you Deborah! :)
      The baby bib pattern isn’t mine unfortunately. I used the (great) pattern by CINO. I have not thought about selling them, because frankly I just don’t have the time to make the things I want to make for myself. But thank you for your compliments and your comment. Appreciate you taking the time to tell me!

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