Pip the Penguin

texasijs Pip the PenguinThis little guy fits right in with the current cold and icy Texas weather! First time in years (3?) I get to wear my monster snow boots!

The pattern is Penguin Pip from Christel Krukkert’s book Gehaakte Dierenvriendjes (a.k.a. the book I got from Mieke :)), also available as a single pattern on Ravelry. The book is now actually republished and split into 2 books. Good way to make more money, I guess :-s.

I plan to make another penguin with a blue hat! Someday…because Christmas is approaching way too fast.

I liked the pattern, but was a little frustrated that I couldn’t get the eyes to look the same as in the original pattern. If that happens I always blame it on the pattern :P, because usually I have no problem with making my version look the same as the pattern. Will need to try again.

pip penguin1 Pip the Penguin

pip penguin2 Pip the Penguin

Pip likes to play Sherlock when no one is looking :)

pip penguin4 Pip the Penguin

pip penguin3 Pip the Penguin

pixel Pip the Penguin
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  1. Tessa says: December 7, 20135:27 am

    Hij lijkt op het zusje van Pingu :).

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