I’m a little behind on my Halloween decorations…sigh, planning not my strongest point :P. Now that I’m in the Halloween mood I feel like I should continue making things, so it’ll be done in time for next year’s for sure. But not for too long, because I still have a long idea list for Christmas as well.

This is Pudgdageist, a pattern from Camp&Co. I love all of Megan’s patterns! It seems like not many people have discovered her patterns yet, but I want to make all of them and become her testknitter ^v^.

I like Megan’s version a little better, it’s my own fault, I should have stuffed the head better. Too late :-/. The pattern uses a lot of M1’s (increases), which cause tiny wholes. I tried to patch them in the end, some are visible, wish I had thought about Googling the problem earlier on and coming to this solution, because it totally works!

Other than that, I love this pattern :).


I used to dislike knitting (jogless) stripes, but got the hang of it!


I love this bottom, it looks like a pie!



It was time for a family portrait :). More on the tiny little hats later…


Some fun with the eyeballs :).

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  1. Tessa says: November 6, 20133:36 am

    I use the same increase method, I think I even found it on the same site. Works well indeed.

    Love the family portrait :). Maybe I should start knitting some stuffed toys as well. I think I may already know what the hats are :P. Maybe you should keep them as hats, they look festive ;).

    • nienke says: November 12, 20131:46 pm

      the hats were delivered today, so I can finally blog about them :D

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