Fingerless gloves

It’s getting colder in Dallas as well, so time to knit a few items to keep me warm :)

Pattern: Handwarmers by Creative Yarn (free)
Stitch: moss stitch. I made one tiny mistake, but it’s not visible :).
Gauge: my first gauge swatch! I was a little impatient though… Instead of the suggested 34 stitches I cast on 38 stitches, as I never fit standard size fashion bracelets. Size seems right, but the 2nd warmer that I knit is slightly smaller than the 1st.
Yarn: Knitpicks’ Shine Sport in color Hydrangea. I really like this color! I actually wanted to use merino wool as suggested, but couldn’t find any at Michaels and didnt’ feel like driving anywhere else/ordering and waiting for it to arrive. I dug into my stash and found the Shine Sport which is made out of 60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal natural beech wood fiber. They seem very warm :). If not I’ll make another pair.
Cost: used 3/4 of a $2.99 skein
Seaming: I was uncertain about the seaming. The warmers are slightly tight so I didn’t want to lose fabric by using the mattress stitch…Wish more people on Ravelry showed their seams!
Cats: these handwarmers will work well for me. Maarten got me a pair last year that had finger separation, but I’d like to be able to wash my fingers without taking them of. Also, gloves are a hair magnet when petting a cat -and Spike is demanding-, so I needed my fingers to be free.
Time spent: started on Tuesday, finished last night and seamed everything together this morning (Friday).




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  1. Tessa says: November 23, 20135:35 am

    Hee leuk, deze heeft Welmoed ook gebreid. Echt een mooie kleur inderdaad! Ik hou van dit soort ‘tussenkleuren’.
    Passen de meeste armbandjes jou niet?
    Qua seaming: waren deze niet in het rond te breien? Of kreeg je dan alsnog een soort naad door het overspringen van de moss stitch?

    • nienke says: November 23, 20139:48 am

      dankje :) ja met deze kleur wil ik nog wel meer maken. Maar katoen,dat rekt of niet?
      Qua armbanden, de harde geen stretch armbandjes passen me niet, dus bangles etc, die gaan niet over mijn duim heen helaas! Ik dacht dat ze niet in het rond te breien zouden zijn, want zodra je bij de duim (het gat) komt, moet je dan short rows doen om weer terug te breien, toch? Achteraf gezien had het misschien wel gekund, alleen weet ik niet of moss stitch in de rondte handig is?

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