Hue Shift Blanket

Just ordered this Hue Shift Blanket kit.

Love the light colors :). Can’t wait to get it in the mail sometime next week. The blanket is available in a darker color as well, maybe more suitable for winter, but ever since moving to Texas I lean towards lighter colors.

I don’t think I’ll be able to start knitting it till the beginning of next year, though!




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  1. lisa says: October 31, 20132:43 pm

    It was really fun to knit! Even though I already made one, I do love the pastel version.

    • nienke says: October 31, 20133:07 pm

      It will probably take me a bit longer than it took you haha :). Yours is beautiful!

  2. Tessa says: November 1, 20133:22 am

    Nice! If there’s one brand I wish we had in NL, it’s Knit Picks. So many colours of the same yarn, brilliant. I always find myself looking for yarn in colour and thickness combinations that are just unfindable, which puts many projects on hold.

    • nienke says: November 1, 20139:30 am

      I can take some with me in a suitcase :) Mixing and matching is always hard, but I don’t pay as much attention to gauge as your projects probably need? I find picking colors online quite hard and can’t really afford the sampler kit of $250-$400.

  3. Tessa says: November 3, 20131:25 pm

    True, my historical projects tend to require particular kinds of yarn. Mostly thinner yarns than are generally available, as these days many people like quick knits, which work better with thick yarn, of course! But obviously you aren’t afraid of a big knitting project :).

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