A couple of books I’m looking forward to :)


CAN’T wait till it’s January 2nd and this new Sally Bee Family cookbook will come out. I have 54 (!) cookbooks (excl. dessert books), yep I just counted them and am quite shocked. I thought I had approx. 30 cookbooks total. Oopsie…Anyway, Sally Bee is my favorite cook book author. Her story is inspiring and her heart-healthy food is really tasty :). Unfortunately the book is not readily available in the US, but I will order from the UK.


Harry-Knitted-Swivel-Chair-by-Melanie-PorterMelanie Porter knits awesome custom designs. Can I have that job, please? :)

I think I’ll enjoy this book a lot. It’s on my Christmas wishlist for this year, so hopefully…and if not, then I’ll just get it myself in the New Year.




I’ve been thinking about asking this one for Christmas as well, but have finally decided to buy it myself one of these days. I want to make a skirt before it’s Christmas. Hopefully I can get it done. I was also doubting between this book and a few other Dutch books, like Allemaal Rokjes and Rokjes! + Patroonbladen, but I want to learn from scratch instead of using patterns and this book seems to offer more variation than Allemaal Rokjes does.

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  1. Tessa says: November 1, 20133:38 am

    Great, you just gave me an excuse to buy more cookbooks, as I’ve only got about 25 ;). Where do you keep them all?
    Still haven’t made anything from the Secret Ingredient, though!

    • nienke says: November 1, 20139:27 am

      I should have mentioned I don’t own any other books, just cook books and craft books :). I keep them in a bookcase, I used to keep them in the kitchen but outgrew the shelf. Her other book is better than the secret ingredient, I personally think, but the lasagne is really good!

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