1 year of knitting



This is a good place to set myself some goals for the next year! I would like to:

  • master the Magic loop. Currently I don’t understand this method, I can’t imagine, not even the slightest, how this is a comfortable way of knitting.
  • make myself a shrug/bolero jacket
  • and a pair of socks too
  • learn double knitting
  • let’s dream on; entrelac too, but it can wait till my 3rd year :).
  • oh, and most importantly intarsia of course!
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  1. lisa says: September 18, 20133:02 pm

    1 year, wow!

    I hate magic loop. I think it’s a big hassle.

    Entrelac is pretty easy, really.

    Intarsia is easy as well. It’s just annoying to manage multiple colors.

    • nienke says: September 18, 20133:08 pm

      Glad I’m not the only one who thinks magic loop is a hassle! I like using 2 circulars, but often forget that option.

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