olliI vowed to make no more presents….but but but…I have this one Crafty course with Susan B. Anderson that I really want to get off my to-do list. So I’m just knitting along, magically making presents :$. First birth, first serve ;)

For: Samuel
Pattern: Wee ones by Susan B. Anderson
Time spent: 3 days, not full-time of course
Pain: This project was “made with love”…and pain. My hands didn’t hurt during knitting -I’m crazy but not that crazy- but my hands did hurt after knitting, possibly due to a flare-up, so I’m not entirely sure I can blame the knitting… I’m trying to set an alarm now, so I strictly knit for 15mins at a time.
Wish I…: had done something about that stitch poking out of his nose, before I took all these pictures, haha!


The blanket is rectangular, I just didn’t take a good shot

I’m trying to shoot more MF (Manual Focus) with our Canon EOS Rebel T1i :). I think it’s funny that this camera is branded Rebel here in the US, but branded EOS in Europe. Rebel sounds younger, but EOS more professional, I guess.

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  1. Tessa says: August 21, 20132:54 pm

    I love the animated gif, it’s so cute!

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