Early birthday gift

An early birthday gift for myself: the 5″ harmony wood DPN set from KnitPicks. Very happy with those!

I was thinking of ordering the interchangeable circular needle set for a long time, but I’m glad I never did, because, to this date, I haven’t been able to understand and use the Magic Loop. Not sure if that will ever happen, I quite like DPN’s, but still would like to learn.

The Harmony Wood is just lovely, so wonderfully smooth, just the right amount of smooth. Needles sold at chain stores just don’t compare to these, they’re simply not smooth enough. On the other hand I find KnitPicks’ nickel plated needles too smooth. I only like those for larger projects with more stitches per needle, otherwise they keep falling off. I recently read that it’s better for people with arthritis to use wooden needles anyway, because they warm up to your hands, so wood it is!


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