Cat scratching post

A little weekend project; fixing Pumpkin’s and Spike’s scratching post. The rope was old, the hairs were just coming out, it was almost growing a hairdo, I cut/shaved the post rigorously twice. Replacement was desperately needed. We were looking at replacing the entire scratching post at first, but most of them are expensive ($50) and/or too ugly to put in your living room. We did find one that was exactly the same but still $32. Seemed like a lot of money for just a bit of new rope. Also, throwing the entire thing indirectly into landfill just felt like an extreme waste. So DIY it was!

After spending $18 on a staple gun, $8.50 on the rope and $3.50 on 1250 (!) staples, we still spend $32 (incl. tax), haha! Oh well, the cost of investing in tools. I plan to do some re-upholstery, so a staple gun was on my wish list anyway.

Thankfully the hubby helped me out, because firing the stapler takes some strength, which is just unpredictable in my case. The staples are now more obvious than they were -I don’t care at all – I just hope Spike and Pumpkin won’t be bothered by them. Despite the noise of firing of the staples, Pumpkin and Spike were far too busy dreaming about all their future scratching adventures :).




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