Bernina Fabric design contest

Bernina organized a Fabric design contest about a month ago. I joined and entered some of the following designs. I haven’t drawn for at least 9 years, but it used to be my biggest hobby. I gave up when I needed to focus on schoolwork.

The competition is pretty fierce. Some very talented graphic designers (but are they sewists?), some blatant copies of existing fabric lines. Some obvious, some less obvious.

I just hope the winner will put the -awesome- $5000 Bernina 710 to good use!

I tried to stay away from floral prints, I love them, but there are sooo many floral prints. I couldn’t enter as many designs as I wanted, simply because of my lack of knowledge of Illustrator and the time it took to make patterns out of my little drawings. Also my old Volito Wacom isn’t compatible with my mac, making it all a bit complicated (I ordered a new Wacom Bamboo which should arrive next month). More importantly: I had fun and it’s made me realize I want to take up drawing again!

I know, I know, too many hobbies, so little time :). But 5 mins of doodling everyday will go a long way.


inspired by my childhood plush dog Philip



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  1. Tessa says: June 18, 20135:02 am

    Wow, these look rather professional!

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