Sausage Dog

the original, with far too scary eyes!

the original draughty dog, with far too scary eyes!

Pattern: Draughty Dog from the book Knitted Nursery. When I saw this draughty dog, I knew I wanted to make Elena one.
For: Elena’s 2nd birthday
Time spent: 3 weeks (= while watching tv)
Yarn: The dog is almost entirely made out of yarn, from my mother’s closet. Stash busting!
Errors: The gauge for this project was off. Quite a bit, because for toys it’s better to use 2-3sizes smaller than recommended needle size. I forgot about that :-/. Should have started over on a much smaller needle :-/ I lined the body to prevent stuffing from coming out, it’s not that bad actually, and the lining will also provide some stability.

Also the dog has a bit of a birthmark (see pictures). I picked up 1 stitch too many, noticed it after a few rows, tried to take it out,  but it left a hole. Tried to put it back in, didn’t work either. So I sort of double stitched the hole afterwards.





Click for more pictures –>


I used a cheap knit fabric to sew a lining, roughly the size of the body. Worked out pretty well :)



These pictures are just reminders for myself. I hope to get better at knitting and have less and less dreaded ladders.




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